Leticia Farr Interview

Omar CaLiph talks to Leticia Farr about her family, what it's like to be a model, her love of sports and about being MMA Uncaged's Las Vegas correspondent.

Leticia Farr Holding a footballThe perfect woman for any man would be one that is beautiful, enjoys cooking, and loves sports on the weekend; particulary MMA and football. Leticia Farr is that such a woman, and we recently had a chance to interview her about two of the above subjects that we share interests in. And let's just say it's not about time spent at home in the kitchen.

Farr has been one of the most recognized MMA models during her 2012 rookie season with the help of veteran photographer Dave Alan, who we've also become very familar with this year. Together they are an all-star team with a winning gameplan that has impressed our scouting report. As a result we kicked off a series of questions to Leticia, who made an awesome return about family, football, and her appreciation for MMA.

Omar CaLiph: How does it feel to have received such a great response from the MMA community this year, and how has the exposure helped your overall modeling career?

Leticia Farr: OMG, I can't even begin to say how much MMA has helped me! Let's just say, I didn't really exist before MMA 😉

Tell us about your new experience as a correspondent with MMA Uncaged?

It has been just a blast! Im so honored to be a correspondent, plus its been so fun going around town experiencing the greatest things to do in Las Vegas and than reporting back! Love it!

What's next for Leticia Farr with MMA?

TV maybe? Ring girl? Gonna have to wait and see!

There is a lot of your work by Dave Alan. Tell us what makes him such a great photographer to work with and how you starting the working relationship.

Yes, most of my work is done by Dave. He is an amazing photographer and a great friend to me, my husband (very important) and daughter. It's also very convenient as he lives here in Vegas. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we decided to work together to create great things!

What's the hardest part of being a model?

Travel time. Sometimes I pass up opportunities because I simply don't want to travel.

Is modeling a career you would encourage your children to pursue, and why or why not?

Yes and no. If it was the child's idea then yes, pursue it. But if not, then don't push it!

Leticia Farr with a beer wearing a cowboy hatNow let's talk (American) football. What team(s) do you follow most, and why?

I was a Colts fan until they released Peyton Manning. Now I don't really have a team!

What is the most exciting game you've watched so far this season?

The Broncos at San Diego. By far the best come back by the Broncos!

If you could be an NFL cheerleader what team would you most want to be on the sideline for?

The Dallas Cowboys. They get the most publicity. 😉

How big is football in your home, and what do you get pumped the most about the game?

Football is huge in our home! My husband got me hooked, like a fat kid on cake!

Predictions on who will win the SuperBowl this year?

Theres still a lot of football to be played. Since I'm on the spot… Niners over the Texans. 23-20

Who is your favorite grid-iron player, and why?

Clay Mathews (love the hair) hahaha

Any other comments?

I just want to say thank you so much for all the interest in my modeling career. I'm very driven now and love all the support from the fans out there.