The Universal Reality Combat Championship has announced that an MMA fight is on between Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler.

The organisation says that the pair have accepted the offer to settle their differences in the cage on June 25.

Alvin Aguilar, President of the URCC, made the call following reports that Matos and Geisler were reported to have been brawling in a bar last weekend.

Aguilar said that if the pair really want to fight then the URCC cage will welcome them both to fight there instead of in a bar.

It was then confirmed that the challenge had been accepted by Matos after he got in touch with Ronald Catunao, the organisation’s newly-appointed match-maker.

Matos then announced that he will begin training for the proposed bout as soon as Geisler also confirmed that he would take the fight.

Geisler didn’t waste much time in announcing that he accepts the challenge, insisting that he will settle their dispute in the URCC cage at Fight Night on June 25 at the Palace Pool Club.

In a video, Matos said that he wants to teach Geisler a lesson and denied the claim that he was disrespectful towards a bartender.

Matos claimed that Geisler had instigated the fight due to his insitance on jamming with the band performing in the Tomato Kick bar that night.

However, footage shows that Geisler offered to shake Matos’ hand but he refused and proceeded to attack him with repeated punches before a number of by-standers separated the pair.

Geisler made it clear that he intends to get his own back for the attack the next time they meet in the URCC cage.

The bout will take place in the URCC Fight Night’s pro-am division, which will also feature Chris Hoffman (URCC Light Heavyweight Champion) take on Arvin Chan.

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