Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold had to be separated in a heated altercation at the post-fight press conference after their UFC 199 fight.

Bisping knocked Rockhold out in the first round of their clash in California on Saturday night to become the first UFC world champion from Britain.

The newly crowned middleweight champion became embroiled in a verbal row with Rockhold in the post-fight press conference.

The confrontation included Rockhold describing Bisping as ‘a maggot’, while he responded with a foul mouthed tirade against the American.

As Bisping rejoiced at the biggest triumph of his career, the moment was somewhat overshadowed by the press conference aftermath between the two middleweight rivals.

Even after the final question was asked, the row continued as the pair passed each other by, which in turn resulted in the intervention of several UFC officials.

With both men just a few inches apart, Bisping shouted at Rockhold, telling him to ‘go f*** yourself’, before telling him that he will knock him out again right then in the press conference.

It took the force of several security personnel to finally drag the defeated American away, while Bisping eventually chose to walk away and prevent a full on brawl.

The pair have now fought each other twice, with a win for each, and have also infamously sparred each other.

Following the latest spat, it seems clear that their rivalry looks set to continue, with a potential trilogy meeting in the not too distant future.

The press conference earlier heard how Rockhold objected to the manner in which Bisping celebrated his unlikely knock out victory, stating that the Brit showed his true colours.

The American said that Bisping showed a lack of respect by asking him ‘do you know where you are?’ and that he himself showed much more respect to Bisping after he knocked him out in their first match up.

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