What if? A question on the tip of every boxing and UFC fan’s tongue as to the outcome of the fight on August 26th. The super fight of the century between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor “Notorious” McGregor is going down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and has got everybody talking about it.

Many predict an easy win for Mayweather, a skilled and unbeaten boxer with a 49-0 record. Not to mention the fact he is a five weight world champion. McGregor, himself not to be completely underestimated, has rocked the UFC world and is a man not to be messed with inside the Octagon.

So what will happen come fight night, here are a few scenarios to consider.

Round 1

McGregor knows he has to take the fight to Mayweather. He starts furiously and aggressively dominating the early exchanges and manages to back Mayweather up landing strong and effective punches. Mayweather slips and slides and is caught with a heavy left hook from McGregor. The question has to be asked can McGregor pack enough power to do what no other boxer has ever done and KO the champ. If he doesn’t will McGregor’s lack of boxing skills leave him open for Mayweather’s counter, can Mayweather pack a punch that has more power than McGregor has ever faced from any UFC opponent, and drop McGregor to the canvass?

Rounds 2, 3, 4

These may well be a lull in the fight having had an explosive first round. Perhaps both fighters will be less likely to put themselves in harm’s way, or alternatively, if McGregor is boxing, as expected like an amateur will Mayweather look to play with McGregor. If he does, McGregor may well be so frustrated at the lack of contact, well who knows, you may see a UFC takedown as McGregor loses his head!

Rounds 5, 6, 7

These are the bookies Mayweather v McGregor predictions for rounds the fight will be finished in. A few reasons jump out at you. If McGregor has been schooled in the ring, chances are his ability to stick to his game plan will diminish. He will drop his guard and forcefully try to close Mayweather down, leaving his chin out there and at Mayweather’s discretion as to if he does or doesn’t finish him off. There is talk about Mayweather’s ring rust and inactivity over the last two years, as well as his age. Will this present an opportunity for McGregor to show his youth and strength and continue to fight at a pace Mayweather cannot deal with? Will these rounds present McGregor his golden ticket to finish off the aging champ?

Later rounds.

Should the fight reach the later stages, well a couple of issues jump out at you? McGregor has never had to fight for a longer duration than 10 minutes in his UFC career other than against Max Holloway and Nate Diaz, a man who took McGregor to the limit. This will no doubt have serious demands on his level of fitness. Yes, McGregor is extremely fit, but there is a massive difference between ten minutes fighting fit than thirty minutes fighting fit. Whereas, nine of Mayweather’s last ten fights have all gone the distance. He will be very comfortable taking the fight to the latter stages, and despite his age, he will be vastly experienced in pacing himself during the fight. Another issue is tiredness, a factor that could expose McGregor to a Mayweather counter. There is no escape inside the ring and tiredness induces sloppiness, which when you are facing Mayweather, is exactly what the champion is looking for.


The fight will be interesting to predict. A hungry, aggressive fighter in McGregor against a well skilled and vastly experienced counter puncher and defensive wizard Mayweather! Who do you think will win this fight, what round are you predicting the fight will be over?

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