One of the more advertised fights on the calendar at the moment is nearly upon us. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will take to the ring this Saturday after months of speculation over whether Conor McGregor, MMA cage fighting veteran vs Floyd Mayweather, the veteran boxer, who has announced that this will be his last fight.

There have been a lot of conflicted opinions about how the fight will play out. Some feel that this bout could be a one-sided embarrassment, whereas some are hoping for a more competitive event even if it is to justify paying box office amount to even watch the fight. With the drama, speculation and interest in the buildup that has attracted to interest of those who may not follow the sport widely, hopefully when the event comes round on Saturday, the result won’t be a massive anti-climax. The excitement that has been generated around this fight has led to the increased costs involved, so hopefully the fight lives up to all of the hype.

This spectacle will see a clash of sports as well as fighter, with MMA fighter McGregor looking to take on Floyd Mayweather, considered by some as the best boxer of this generation. No matter the outcome, there’s guaranteed to be some disappointment from one party or the other come Sunday morning.

Conor McGregor’s long awaited fight with Floyd Mayweather will be his pro-boxing debut, a gutsy move for the MMA fighter that could be revolutionary if he wins, and could almost decimate the reputation Floyd Mayweather has spent his entire career building.

In order to not disappoint the fans, who are well aware of the millions the two fighters will be paid, no matter the result, the fight on Saturday needs to be competitive and/or dramatic. Whether that’s achieved by McGregor being able to put up a significant fight against Mayweather, or to cause enough havoc to wind Mayweather up and get him aggressive as he tries to win. With the amount of money spectators will be spending to watch the fight, value for money is sorely required on the night.

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