From time to time we are presented with a prospect who reminds us all why we love MMA – a fighter who you will follow through every one of their fights and, by the end of each bout you find yourself on the edge of your seat going … ‘WOW!’ Alex Montagnani is that next prospect. The young, fresh and exciting fighter holds a collection of finishes that any knockout artist would be proud to slap their name on. Upon making his return, Alex has successfully reminded the world why he is one to watch. He’s not one for the future, he’s here now. He’s back.

When Alex was asked about how it felt, he said: “It feels amazing making my return to MMA after such a long break. It was just amazing stepping back in the cage, amazing having the crowd watching me. Throwing down like a true warrior, that’s what I miss the most. I like showing that heart, that determination. When I’m in that cage it makes me feel alive.”

Alex was forced to have a two-year break from the sport due to injury. However, when he made his long-awaited return to MMA at Celtic Gladiator 12, he looked like he’d never left.

Alex began his fight in typical fashion, he looked dangerous on his feet. After he secured a body lock on his opponent, Shaun Lomas, he took him for a ride. They hit the ground and Alex remained in control, keeping busy with some dangerous ground and pound. Alex was in charge for the duration of that round. Although, in the last minute of the first round, Lomas escaped a triangle choke attempt from Alex, but before Alex could return to his feet, Lomas soccer kicked him in the head. An obvious illegal blow that temporarily stopped the fight and a strike that would have finished any other fighter. Not Alex. He showed admirable heart and determination, as he got to his feet and finished the round.

Alex dug deep into the second round. A flurry of fierce strikes from Alex dropped Shaun inside the first minute of the second round. He pounced on his opponent with another barrage, however, Shaun did well to defend the onslaught. Alex again spent the round in complete control, he cleverly wore his opponent down and was unlucky not to secure an anaconda choke midway through the second round.

Alex spent the final round of the fight in complete control. He finished strong and deservedly got his hand raised at the end of the fight. A contest that has earned him a new influx of fans, respect and maybe a headache! However, if Alex can win a fight after receiving a soccer kick to the head, there’s no limit to this man’s potential.

When he was asked about the illegal blow in the first round, he said: “‘I had to really dig deep after the soccer kick – I don’t remember the fight. That’s how much trouble I was in I don’t remember anything. I remember walking around afterwards and talking to one of my coaches and they said that kick to your head on the floor must have hurt and I said what kick? That’s how bad it was.”

He continued: ““I think I just went into autopilot, and if I’m doing that on autopilot after suffering a soccer kick to the head that’d probably knock most people out, I can’t wait to show you lot what I’m gonna do when I’m fully functioning.”

After his performance, Alex was asked about his future plans now he has returned to MMA. He said: “You’re gonna see my name floating around again in the top spots, 100%. You’re gonna see those highlight knockout finishes that I usually provide. I can’t wait to do as many shows as possible, I wanna show all my fans, all the MMA shows, any doubters out there that I’m back.”

After a performance like that, doubters won’t be an issue. Welcome back.

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Written by Toby Clarke

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