There are dozens of sports books online now, which means a high level of competition. A sports book that doesn’t keep up with the latest gambling trends is one that’s certain to flounder. Initially sports books were just run at racetracks or bars, but eventually wily bookies started taking bets by telephone. Then along came the internet and revolutionised everything, allowing people to place real-time wagers via their laptops and desktops.

Now the next stage of the gambling revolution has well and truly arrived – betting via mobile devices. All leading sports books and online casinos (and you can read about all the best online casinos at CasinoUK) now offer apps that have been specially designed for smart phones and tablets.

Go back a few years and the mobile-version of a sports book’s site would be little different from the desktop version. This, however, made such sites hard to use on tablets and virtually impossible to use on smartphones. Then the mobile revolution truly came into being and smarter sports books took to creating dedicated apps made specifically for mobile platforms.

At first such apps where ones that you had to download and install to your phone, which created hosting problems as both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store were not keen to host apps that were designed purely for gambling. Eventually HTML5 – an advanced way of coding websites – came along and allowed sites to create ‘web apps’ – temporary apps that download into a web browser then erase themselves off a user’s phone or tablet when done with.

The ease by which it is possible to bet has seemingly created a new, social attitude towards gambling. Despite red-top tabloids crying foul over the money spent on gambling, sports betting has never been such big business. Sports books have massive budgets available when it comes to advertising, as they are aware that they need to get their voices heard when in competition with dozens of other options.

Gambling apps have also helped create two new aspects of the online gambling phenomenon – in-play betting and cash-out. With your mobile device you can virtually bet on any aspect of a sporting event as the event unfolds. With cash-out you can literally take the money and run – if your bet is winning but you don’t think it’s going to last the distance, then you can cash in your wager, albeit for reduced potential winnings.

Betting on UFC and MMA events is now rivalling the more traditional fighting pastime of boxing in terms of the total amount of money staked. Thanks to the creation of dedicated mobile gambling apps, the future of mobile gambling is surely wholly a promising one.

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