BAMMA 30 saw the amazing performance of the superstar fighter Daniel Barez. Because of Daniel’s brilliant performance there has been speculation about whether BAMMA could organise and hold their first ever Spanish tournament at any point in the future.

BAMMA have said that they signed a deal with a Spanish broadcaster that allowed Daniel Barez’s brilliant performance at the BAMMA 30 to be broadcast live from the 3Arena in Dublin. There was a massive response for the channel who showed the event, with a great deal of positive feedback. This is great news for the event organisers and hopefully at some point in the near future there will be new Spanish event for more BAMMA fans to enjoy. The great response does help to support the argument for a spanish event, especially while Daniel Barez continues to perform well.

However, there popularity of the BAMMA events is not just restricted to Spain, with the exploration into Spanish BAMMA events joined by proposals to to expand on a Europe wide basis. Representatives from the mixed martial arts promotion company has said that they have highlighted a number of different cities to be visited as a part of exploration and expansion plans. BAMMA already broadcasts on UK, US, African, Russian, Canadian and Latin American stations, and also works to promote the best of British MMA talent as well as international fighting stars.

Daniel Barez is the Lonsdale Flyweight Champion and competed in Dublin at the BAMMA 30 which took place in July. Barez was given the Unanimous win after a fight that took 3 rounds and five minutes against Ryan Curtis. This most recent fight means that Brez has now won 8 matches out of 12 in his pro Flyweight career. New news is expected soon in regards to Daniel Barez’s next fight.

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