Japanese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Satoshi Ishii has been urged by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Gegard Mousasi to reject an offer from the promotion.

Ishii and Mousasi are friends, with the Dutch born fighter wanting the MMA star to stay in a company where he believes he will be valued properly.

Over the last couple of years, the 29 year old Japanese fighter has made a name for himself in the MMA circuit, however he faces an uncertain future after losing his last two bouts.

Ishii is currently fighting for the Bellator promotion and goes into the 169 event against King Mo with a lot on stake.

For his part, Mousasi wants the Japanese national to stay where he is and not try and force a move into a company where he will not be properly valued.

“He’s going to Dublin soon, I’ll be there. He should be able to win that fight. They’re fighting at heavyweight. He should have beaten Quinton Jackson. He could have been a draw or a win for him, but in the last round when he didn’t get that takedown that screwed him up. Quinton Jackson is from US and he’s big for Bellator so they gave him that decision”, said Mousasi, as quoted by Metro.

“But mentally in the best right place, he can beat them all. But mentally he has to have that desire. He could fight in the UFC, but they’re not going to pay him a lot. He wants to go to UFC, but I said many times to him, don’t go.”

The 31-year-old Mousasi, who fights for the UFC, is one the more popular fighters on the wrestling circuit and was recently seen in action when he knocked out Uriah Hall at the UFC Fight Night event on 19 November. The fighter though stressed that Ishii would not be financially secure if he made the jump.

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