Guy Ritchie knows a thing or two about both movies and fighting – his movies consistently draw a crowd of moviegoers who love their swagger and action and the director, himself, is no slouch in the gym, regularly training in BJJ to attain the rank of Blackbelt.

Guy Ritchie Marks Conor McGregor for Movie Stardom

Guy Ritchie and Charlie Hunnam

His latest movie ‘King Arthur‘, an updated retelling of ‘The Sword In The Stone’ boasts an enviable cast, including several of Ritchie’s BJJ training partners and UKMMA fighters adding some legitimacy to background fight scenes. We spotted Delroy Morefire in the trailer a couple of weeks ago.

Guy Ritchie is currently promoting the movie’s release and, in a recent interview with The S*n, spoke about the potential for standout UFC stars to cross over into Hollywood. It’s a well trodden path that the likes of Randy Couture, Ronda Rousey and Mike Bisping have previously followed, but Ritchie had Conor McGregor in mind as the next big star to make the shift.

“Preparing for the action scenes, we watched a lot of McGregor fight footage because his style was what we were after. That very intense, singular, lightning fast, juggernaut trademark technique was perfect and we modelled Arthur’s physicality on that. We even went after him for a part in the movie but he wasn’t having any of it. Was training for a fight at the time, couldn’t take his attention away from that.

“But you can see in his presence, in his demeanour, he’s got that swagger, that real appealing cockiness. It’s an unmistakeable spark.

“I’ve worked with athletes before and they are utter pros. There’s this unflinching discipline. The director is the same as the coach and when it’s action, they know their mark, they’re rehearsed and prepared and that’s a f*****g pleasure.

“Like Jason Statham, he’s an athlete, completely on his game all the time, look where he’s at now. And you can see that similarity in Conor, he could clean up in Hollywood.”

Guy Ritchie Marks Conor McGregor for Movie Stardom

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Conor McGregor was briefly cast in Vin Deisel’s xXx sequel, but fight commitments lead to him being replaced by Mike Bisping. McGregor has also made a mo-cap appearance in the latest Call Of Duty installment.

With his UFC fighting career currently on pause as he negotiates a possible Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather and enjoys some time off with his family, Conor could certainly do worse than to take a few guest starring roles in big budget movies to hone his stagecraft. After all, it must beat getting punched in the face for a living?

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