Now that news of Conor McGregor signing his part of the deal to put together a Boxing vs MMA superfight with Floyd Mayweather has become a reality, UFC Tonight spoke with a selection of MMA fighters on the deal – including Daniel Cormier, who had some sage advice for McGregor.

“Don’t get slept.”

Daniel Cormier isn’t averse to Conor McGregor earning himself a multi-million dollar payday, but he is worried about the potential for Boxing promoters to capitalise on footage of a potential McGregor knockout to shame MMA for years to come.

“He can actually go and fight Mayweather… He will lose. These dudes will get slept, it’s going to be embarrassing, so no, it is not good for the UFC. Conor, hats off to you, make your money, but don’t get slept! Which might happen.”

Joe Rogan, on the other hand, is confident that Conor’s size will be on his side, and he’ll be able to smother Floyd Mayweather in the clinch, potentially wearing him down from there.

“There’s something about [Conor McGregor]. I’m telling you, there’s something about that dude. He’s got something going on. He’s got a little something extra special but he would need everything to line up. Mayweather would have to dismiss him as a threat. He’d have to not train hard enough, he’d have to not seriously consider the possibility that Conor connects on him and knocks him out. And then Conor would have to do some rough-housing. He’d have to hold him in the clinch. He’d have to hold him and hit him. He’d have to try and get off as many shots and bully him around and wear him out. It’s a possibility. He’s a much bigger man. He’s a much bigger man. If you compare the two of them frame-wise, if they ever do do it, and they’re standing right at each other, looking down at each other doing eye-to-eye, you’re gonna go ‘oh, s**t.’ [Conor]’s a big f**k. He can make that 145-pound cut when he’s on death’s door, but Mayweather makes it easy.”

Regardless of what any of a million commentators have to say on the subject, nothing is going to happen until Mayweather and his team sign the other half of the contract – something which is far from guaranteed…

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