The title tells you pretty much all you need to know. The two fighters were both present at the UFC’s first fighter retreat – an event that’s kind of like a convention for MMA fighters over in Las Vegas, where they can hang out and listen to speeches – there’s a Snoop Dogg concert at the end, which would be pretty cool…

Unfortunately, if you put that many fighters together in one place, there’s probably a good chance that any online beef would have a chance to erupt into real world consequences – and that’s exactly what’s happened here.

Apparently, Angela Magana has been needling Cris Cyborg with a series of fairly unpleasant tweets, one of which took a swing at Cris’ appearance during a charity visit to a cancer ward for kids at a Brazilian hospital [unkind comparisons were drawn with the puppet from the Saw movies].

Cris Cyborg’s Dad is currently undergoing treatment for cancer so it’s a touchy subject for her and probably not the wisest move to target one of the baddest women on the planet over – as Magana found out when the two of them ran into one another at the event.

Tempers were quick to flare and, after Magana shoved her, Cris took a swing at Magana, busting her lip before Chris Weidman tried to intervene and seperate the two fighters.

The subsequent flurry of tweets from both sides including Bec Rawlings offering to sell video of the altercation to TMZ, and refuting Ariel Helwani’s claim that Angela was ‘rocked’ by the punch while Magana threatened to have Cris arrested.

Without knowing much more about the incident, I’d be inclined to side with Cyborg on this one – you play the mean girl on social media and you’re gonna get banged.

The UFC have yet to issue a statement on the incident but, hopefully, folk will be a little less quick to bitch at one another on Twitter from now on.

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