While there has been a lot of talk from the MMA side of the McGregor versu Mayweather fight, up until this point, we’ve not heard much from the WBC regarding the event. WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman spoke at a press conference in London yesterday to explain why the WBC was all for an event that, by rights, doesn’t neccessarily do the sport of Boxing any favours.

“Mayweather-McGregor will bring a lot of eyes on to boxing, which will carry on to September 16 [Golovkin-Canelo],” said Sulaiman. “Why? If Mayweather-McGregor is a great event, people will be very, very excited about it. The build-up, I can see all the movie stars, the sports stars there. If it’s a good event, it’s great. But let’s say it’s an embarrassing event, then people will be eager to a great event three weeks later. I celebrate anything that brings world attention to the sport. Boxing has been downgraded by the UFC for many years. They have been saying ‘boxing is not important’ and they have played that wrong. On August 26, boxing is going to show what it is, inside of a ring,”

“I have tremendous respect for McGregor for stepping in the ring with one of the greatest fighters of all time. As an athlete, as a fighter, I have absolute respect. But it’s a boxing event that will show exactly where boxing is. I don’t think it’s a mismatch. Their technical skills should be evaluated. Mayweather is a boxer, with his own style and technique. If he was a confrontational fighter then McGregor would have that opportunity to get into a brawl, and land those punches. But I see it more as a technical fight, and I don’t see it as a mismatch because McGregor is a very tough fighter and character. He has strength and power, he has experience in combat sport. Is it a dangerous mismatch? I’d say no. But I see dominance for Floyd Mayweather.”

The WBC has decided to honour the event, not with a championship belt, but with a commemorative belt for the winner.

“We have been supportive of events that have a special interest. We provide special pieces of art for those events. I see this as an event that will attract attention and I support it. It’s puts boxing in the spotlight for every single person on the planet. That is good for the sport. When we do commemorative trophies, art work, it’s to bring a special added value. We do so many [good] things outside the ring. It would be easy to just rank fighters, sanction fights and then go home. But we don’t do that, we make sure that boxing is active in people’s minds. It will be a huge event with enormous interest, but the WBC won’t charge sanctioning fees, or profit from it – absolutely not.”

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