Bethe Correia faced Holly Holm “The Preacher’s Daughter” at UFC Singapore last weekend, losing to the former Bantamweight champion via a spectacularly timed head kick she recieved whilst baiting her opponent at the end of the third round.

Holm, who had suffered three consequetive losses, since her surprising win over Ronda Rousey to take the Bantamweight belt, badly needed a solid win to restore her confidence – and both fighters were fairly cagey, with referee, Marc Goddard issuing a warning in the second round for fighter timidity.

However, Holm’s patient approach to the fight paid dividends when, after Bethe had taunted Holly, trying to get her to over-commit, Holm landed a thunderous head kick that levelled Correia, then moved in for the finish, landing a heavy left before Goddard could intervene.

Although Bethe Correia talks the talk in the lead up to her fights, she was gracious in defeat and posted congatulations to Holly via her social media;

“I want to congratulate Holly for the fight. Even though she was coming from three losses she didn’t quit and hide, and fought me on the main event. I want to thank all my fans, partners and team. I won’t return with the victory I dreamed of, but I return with my head held high with a dream to fight in Asia realized and being a protagonist of the night. A dream a lot of people have but never realized. I can only say this to my fans that like Bethe Correia: I WILL BE BACK STRONGER THAN EVER! YOU CAN BE SURE OF IT!!!!!”

With four wins, one draw and three defeats in the Octagon, consitency is something ‘The Pitbull’ struggles with in her division, but she is not afraid to face anyone and will surely return to the fray as soon as she’s medically cleared to fight again.

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