Brendan Schaub has leapt to Conor McGregor’s defence after Boxing pundit, Max Kellerman, speaking on ESPN, said, “I’m a big McGregor fan and if he had been boxing this whole time, maybe we’d be having a different story. Let me tell you what’s going to happen, Conor McGregor will not land a single punch on Floyd Mayweather. Not one punch.”

While the bookmakers, and most pundits for that matter, don’t rate Conor’s chances too highly, Shaub was quick to respond via Instagram saying, “Let me tell you! I guarantee Conor lands not only a punch but wins rounds. Matter of fact, I would be willing to bet $100k on it. Would you Max Kellerman?”

Afterwards, talking about the subject on a podcast, Brendan elaborated,“When I saw Max Kellerman, it pissed me off man… I respect Max Kellerman the most out of any Boxing analyst, he’s a beast man. Head of HBO’s Boxing team and all that… He’s an Ivy league dude, smart guy, knows boxing better than anyone. When he goes ‘I guarantee you Conor McGregor won’t land a punch’, you would have thought he slapped my baby!”

“I was like ‘Yo, HELL NO’. Not only will he touch him, he will win at least one round, I can guarantee you he wins at least one round, unless the judges f*ck him over. But I guarantee you Conor McGregor touches him. I would bet my entire life’s savings on it. That’s like saying Michael Phelps isn’t going to get wet when he jumps in the pool!”

“People go ‘it’s like a soccer playing jumping in and playing baseball’. No, it’s not you f*cking morons. It is not like that. Both of them are a part of combat sports. Conor has sparred endless and endless rounds of Boxing. Not to the level of Floyd Mayweather, but still, combat sport… it’s like one does the breaststroke, one does the backstroke. That’s a better analogy than baseball to rugby or whatever the f*ck these idiots on Fox or ESPN are comparing it to.”

“There’s only one man who walks into that ring who’s known as a finisher, and his name’s not Floyd Mayweather.”

Schaub makes a fair point, and it’ll be interesting to see whether he lays that bet.

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