There’s been a lot of column inches written about the upcoming McGregor Mayweather fight and, for the most part, it’s mostly been based on supposition and rumour, so it’s refreshing to hear something concrete from John Kavanagh, the man who is responsible for shaping Conor’s fighting ability since back in the day.

John Kavanagh has written a column for The 42 where he talks about the upcoming fight and yer man Conor’s plans to return to the UFC in December to defend his belt.

John recounts how, back in 2014, while in Vegas with Conor, the idea for a Boxing match with Mayweather was first mooted, “I stopped doubting him a long time ago at this stage, but I remember at the time laughing it off as nothing more than a novel idea that could never possibly become a reality.

“Now here we are and it’s just over nine weeks away. It’s pretty incredible what’s happened in such a short space of time. But it’s great and my excitement for this is increasing with each passing day. It’s hard not to feel that way when you’re around Conor. His enthusiasm is infectious.”

Then there is the question of Conor’s Boxing training and who he’ll be sparring with… “There will be sparring with guys we’re already familiar with but we will also be bringing in some guys who I think people will be impressed with. But I’ll leave it to Conor to reveal that, should he choose to do so.”

On Mayweather himself, John points out the differences in fighting style that will give Conor the edge over his opponent, “I believe we have a number of advantages going into this fight. Often, people who are experts in a certain field will tell you that it can actually be more awkward to deal with somebody who’s not from the same field. They’d rather deal with the top contender from their own discipline because he’ll move in a way that you assume he’ll move.

“Mayweather has been in the boxing world for his entire career and everyone he’s faced has moved in a certain way that he’s pre-conditioned to handle. Now he’s going up against a guy who doesn’t follow any set patterns, who can deploy a variety of different styles of fighting and is not one bit intimidated. Conor is – as we all are here – 100% confident in victory. That kind of person is very difficult to deal with.”

And after the fight? Win or lose, neither man has a need to ever set foot in a ring or octagon again, but Kavanagh thinks differently, “My expectation is that it will happen this year, although it’s always difficult to predict what Conor is going to do next. If he goes in there and knocks out Mayweather in the first round, there will probably be talk of rematches and stuff like that. But the tentative plan, as I see it, is certainly for a fight in the UFC in December.”

So there you have it – Team McGregor are brimming with confidence and MMA fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming months from the world’s most notorious fighter.

You can read the entire article from John here.

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