It looks like the UFC’s negotiations with their number one champion, Demetrious Johnson aren’t going so well. UFC 215 was due to take place a week before Conor and Floyd clash in the square ring, but has now been cancelled and the September event re-numbered to 215.

Up to this point, only Thiago Alves vs. Mike Perry and Hector Lombard vs. Anthony Smith had been linked to the event, but the organisation had been pushing Demetrious Johnson into an unwanted PPV fight with TJ Dillashaw, who had said he was prepared to drop from Bantamweight to Flyweight in order to face Demetrious.

Johnson, meanwhile, had previously agreed to fight Ray ‘The TazMexican Devil’ Borg and, if he had won, Demetrious Johnson would hold the UFC record for most successful title defenses. It appears the UFC matchmakers had other ideas, and had been pushing for the Dillashaw fight, prompting Johnson to release an uncharacteristicly scathing statement about his treatment by White.

It would now appear that Dillashaw has his eyes set on former teammate, Cody Garbrandt [who had previously been sidelined with a back injury] and has no desire to fight DJ. Either Cody or Demetrious would have been a title fight for Dillashaw, but if you had to choose between dropping a weight class or competing in your own class, it’s obvious where the choice would lay.

The UFC have released a statement regarding the cancelled event, saying, “UFC announced Monday that UFC 215 will take place on September 9 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The event marks the promotion’s first visit to Edmonton. An originally planned August Pay-Per-View event has been removed from the schedule. Stay tuned to for fight card announcements and ticket on-sale dates.”

Hopefully, Dana hasn’t made good on his threat to eliminate the Flyweight division entirely…

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