Conor McGregor seems to have his career firmly in hand at this moment in time – he’s talking up the biggest fight in history on a mammoth press tour and, just as he was celebrating his birthday, Universal Pictures announced a movie of his life via twitter.

What was really interesting was something you can only see if you download the high resolution poster for Notorious that the original tweet linked to, and then zoom in on the bottom left hand corner – you know, the bit with the producer credits…

Notorious: A Next Level Power Move in Conor's Game?There, front and centre, was a production credit for ‘McGregor Sports & Entertainment‘ – you know, the same company who are partnered with Showtime for the Mayweather/McGregor Boxing match.

Movie production is a big deal from a financial point of view, and it’d be fascinating to know what, exactly, that production credit entails. If Conor has invested actual wedge into the Notorious project, he could see a serious return on his investment – especially following the fight and ensuing rise in his public profile.

On the other hand, given the convuluted machinations behind Hollywood’s big deals, this could just as easily be a notional credit given to Conor in order to get the production deal signed.

Either way, it’s a sure-fire sign that the boy from Ireland has done good – Hollywood doesn’t invest unless a hit is, more-or-less guaranteed…

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