The fight world should applaud Mike Perry for his spot-on Rooster impersonation at UFC-Pittsburgh. Some of the greatest rivalries in MMA come from one guy acting like an idiot, the other guy insulting him, and the first guy losing his sh*t because he is all embarrassed and angry. So, Mike’s dance is a good recipe for a beat-down of somebody in his next fight.

MMA is not a stranger to dance routines

MMA weigh-ins are spectacles often featuring dance routines and other kinds of shenanigans. Then come the fighter introductions and walk outs, which can range from ‘library walk’ to workman-like Rocky-esque jog to complete entourage debacle. Again, this stuff just makes it better when the guy gets beat down. Some guys in MMA are kind of conservative guys who like to kick loudmouth ass and some guys are kind of loudmouths. Who is to say who will win??

Plus, it’s rare that a fighter show such depth of emotional understanding of the situation. It reminded me of when McGregor flexes the walkouts chest-Gorilla tattoo at weigh-ins. I mean, what is a guy gonna do?? He is in a cage, sent there to destroy his opponent. It’s similar to cock-fighting in a way.

Mike Perry the fighter

The dancing might help Mike Perry make a name for himself, but maybe not. It is possible that the dancing overshadows his dominant performance in the cage. He absolutely man-handled Reyes and put him down quick with brute force and controlled style. The knock-out was fine, but the manner in which Perry controlled the fight and measured up his opponent while leaning and grabbing inside was impressive. He was a cool customer in Muay Thai form.

After the rooster dance ended, Perry called out the ageing Robbie Lawler in hopes of getting some championship style experience. Lawler, the now strong and gentle personality type, is a sure contrast to Perry. In the ring though, Perry might find Lawler a tough match-up. Lawler has a lot more experience and carries his weight differently than Reyes. For sure, Perry would not be able to just set up Muay Thai inside knees by leaning with his upper body like he did with Reyes. But, it would be a nice opportunity for Perry to prove he can also strike, which is usually a requirement for a Championship shot in UFC.

Mike Perry Muay Thai form

If Mike Perry wanted to get a fight away from a belt fight, the dancing doesn’t hurt. But the fight spoke louder. Sure, the guy made himself look like a punk, but that’s who he is. He can back that up with very composed Muay Thai which handled a skilled opponent quickly. Let’s hope Mike Perry gets his wish and take on Robbie Lawler in his next fight. The odds should be through the roof and you can even bet on live events as they happen at many bookmakers. While it might seem like a soft call-out, Lawler has still got some power.


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