Aaron ‘The Joker’ Chalmers will be returning to the cage after his surprising debut in May at the BAMMA 29 event held in Birmingham. The Geordie Shore regular raised eyebrows when it was announced that he was going to begin a career in MMA. However in his first bout, Aaron appeared to silence his critics by putting on an impressive display and winning his first Welterweight match against Greg Jenkins in the first round with a submission.

Some of Aaron’s harshest critics believed that the move to MMA was a stunt to gain more publicity on top of his reality TV fame. This was proved to be false, and Aaron is committed to his career in MMA fighting, being praised for his performance and hard work at the BAMMA 29 Birmingham event in May.

Following this great start to his fighting career, Aaron ‘The Joker’ Chalmers is back, with a BAMMA Welterweight bout against Alex Thompson. The fight is set to take place on September the 15th at the SSE Arena, Wembley, London. Following his impressive attacking behaviour and confident fighting style in his first fight against Jenkins, Aaron Chalmers will now have to prove himself once more by demonstrating his first fight wasn’t a fluke.

The TV star’s opponent Alex Thompson is well known on the circuit through a number of years fighting on the amateur circuit. This however will be Thompson’s pro welterweight debut. With big stakes for both fighters, as Thompson focuses on getting his pro career off to a good start, and Chalmers looking to repeat his first performance, this match on the 15th of September is bound to be interesting.

Also added to the fight card in September is Tanvir Boora, a local star with the potential to do really well. Tanvir will be facing Liam Davies, known for his heavy grappling fighting style and fighting Tanvir off the back of two wins. With Tanvir Boora making his pro debut and Liam Davies looking to head up to the Featherweight league this fight could also be an exciting one.

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