Anderson Silva Found Guilty at NSAC Hearing

After much delay and denials, Anderson Silva has finally had his day 'in court'. Unfortunately, the NSAC have found him guilty of PED use and handed him a suspension and fine.

Everybody hoped that the GOAT was innocent of doping – as he claimed, but the likelihood was that Anderson Silva had succumbed to temptation, particularly in the light of his severe leg injury and desire to recover quickly from it. 

Silva's win over Nick Diaz was overturned and the commision fined him $380,000 which includes his win bonus from UFC 183, as well as thirty percent of his fight purse for the event.

The NSAC handed down a year long suspension, but made it retroactive to the Jan 31st date of the fight. This means that, subject to presenting clear dope tests, Silva will be clear to re-apply for his licence by Jan 2016 and can return to fighting after that.

The comission were unimpressed by Silva's weak defence, with claims that he ingested a supplement without knowing what it contained, was taking anti-anxiety meds because he couldn't sleep the night before the fight and, lately, that the test results were influenced by a sexual enhancement supplement that contained drostanolone – noe of which was disclosed in his pre-fight medical statements. 

The ruling brings to a close the months of speculation regarding the situation and, although hugely disappointing for MMA fans following Silva's renowned anti-PED stance, it was perhaps inevitable in the end.