The China International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CIMMAF) has formally launched under the auspices of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), and headed by President, Yong Hua Wei.

NGO established the CIMMAF. The NGO was the China Yunnan International Cultural Exchange Foundation, and has been in operation since 1986 for the purpose of strengthening Yunnan province’s economic and technological ties with international markets.

The China Yunnan International Cultural Exchange Foundation fully supports the development of MMA for the Greater China market.

The scheme has secured full provincial governmental support, along with backing from the Directors of WUJIE (Beijing) Sports and Development Company Limited, with whom the federation will be working with to develop regulation, education and the promotion of and about MMA.

China has a long tradition of Wushu (Chinese Kungfu) and boxing, and the country has a large number of gyms for these disciplines.

With the interest in MMA growing, it is athletes from these traditions who, increasingly, are adapting their skills to the MMA scene.

However, the CIMMAF has cited that Chinese fighters are lacking in the dedicated MMA training and knowledge needed to reach their full potential and will aim to address this.

While the MMA market in China has not been regulated by any association to date, there is notably an increasing number of MMA related events organised by local promoters.

International players include ONE CHAMPIONSHIP (licensed by WUJIE), ROAD FC and REBEL FC, to name a few.

Under the CIMMAF, Yunnan Broadcasting Television will be organising China’s first ever National Amateur MMA series in Yunnan’s capital city Kunming. The event will be receiving operational support from Malaysia’s promotion MIMMA (under IMMAF member MASMMAA).

In a statement, a CIMMAF spokesperson, said: “We have the highest confidence in our ability to make the China National Amateur MMA series an ongoing program, which will boost the promotion, regulation and healthy growth of the MMA community in Greater China.”

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