Brave MMA has announced that it will expand into India next year.

President of the promotion Mohammed Shahid has also announced that he plans to work on the development and welfare of women in performance sports.

This year was a big one for Brave, with two big events kick-starting their global MMA promotion. Yet, 2017 is already looking like it will be a year of exponential growth.

Brave President Shahid last week made a major announcement in Mumbai, where he initiated the expansion of the Brave promotion into India.

A number of Bollywood stars turned out at the Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai, for the press conference. Among them was Brave 1 winning fighter Mohammed Farhad.

Bollywood has adopted a number of MMA themes in big budget films and the Indian MMA fighters have in turn been offered roles in these Bollywood productions.

President Shahid announced his exciting plans ahead for next year, with an investment of around $60 million into Indian MMA laid out, along with key media and broadcast partnerships suggested during his address.

Crucially for Indian MMA, Shahid revealed his plans to develop Indian athletes from the grassroots level and, similar to what he’s done in Bahrain with KHK MMA, give them the opportunity to train with world class equipment and coaching facilities.

This development at amateur level will create a new wave of Indian MMA fighters, who may well compete at the IMMAF World Championships in the near future, as five Bahraini fighters did this year.

President Shahid made another key announcement in the press conference, highlighting his plans to concentrate on the development and welfare of women in performance sports. The implications of this may be that Brave will eventually bring in female MMA fighters as other organisations have successfully done. This will be another key step in Shahid’s vision for Brave.

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