Titan FC flyweight prospect Jose Torres has traced his roots back to the Chicago fight scene and currently sits at 3-0 with two finishes and the Titan FC interim flyweight belt around his waist.

Following a stellar amateur career that had many ranking “Shorty” as the top fighter yet to go pro in the world, Torres has gotten off to a quick start in Titan FC since turning his MMA endeavor into his occupation in March of this year.

Three wins in half a year is a needle mover in any career. However, Shorty’s brutal pace is the product of a heralded amateur career that was already catching eyes. It is those fights prior to his Titan debut that the 125-pounder attributes to the success he’s had already, and having that experience gives him confidence moving forward.

“It has shown that an amateur resume is going to help me in my pro career,” Torres said in an interview with Cage Pages. “Going straight to Titan FC instead of fighting local stuff is a huge jump up, and now only a year in I’ve already received the Titan FC Flyweight Belt and now I’m defending it, it’s awesome.”

His amateur career consisted of 26 fights. However, these contests did not take place at the level Torres is at now. They do represent a very deep level of experience far beyond his 10 months with the promotion.

“I fought nothing but different guys, it wasn’t just the same fights over and over again staying in the same city. I fought locally, but I also fought in different states and even around the world. The biggest challenge that I had was when I competed at the IMMAF world championships. I fought five times in one week and all those guys are professional level guys.

“I was able to test myself against the guys that are the best of their nation from around the world. It’s definitely helped because when I turned pro, I can tell you some of the fighters I’ve gone against I have been like, ‘Oh man I have fought his guys style before, I know how to react to this, I know how to defend this, I know how to attack against this.’ So it’s helped better prepare me as a professional.”

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