Undeafeated Japanese fighter, ‘King’ Reina Miura, is headlining the Deep Jewels 16 fight night in Shinjuku, Tokyo this Saturday, where she will be facing German Top Team fighter, Kristen Handel.

‘King’ Reina is currently on a three fight winning streak at Welterweight with her last victory being on the Rizin promotion where she armlocked Shazzy Gabert. Prior to this, she’d taken the win over Shayna Baszler [15/11/0], a hugely experienced fighter who trains under Josh Barnett in Sioux Falls, Dakota.

The weigh-ins took place earlier today:

DEEP JEWELS 16: Official weigh-in results

King Reina (164.2) vs. Kristin Handel (165.7)

Satomi Takano (104.9) vs. Tomo Maesawa (104.0)

Yuko Kiryu (104.7) vs. Natsuki Shimomakise (104.9)

Pan Hui (104.9) vs. Kyu Kitano (104.0)

Madoka Ishibashi (102.0) vs. Mizuki Furuse (103.8)

Deep Jewels 16 has attracted considerable international attention due to one of the amateur bouts on the undercard which will pit 12 year old, Momo, in her debut bout on the promotion, against  24-year-old Momoko Yamasaki. Though the age difference has sparked outrage about an adult fighting a child, it should be noted that the bout will be fought at the same weight and, under amateur rules, the fighters will be fully padded and limited in how they can strike, with elbow being forbidden, as are head strikes to a grounded opponent.

It should also be noted that Momo has a record of over 100 interclub fights in Karate, Kickboxing and BJJ, prior to this event!

You can watch Deep Jewels 16 via their website here.


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