Heaven versus Hell is one helluva biblical way to promote a fight, and that’s exactly how Polish promotion, KSW is pitching Fernando Rodrigues Jnr versus Marcin Rozalski, both of whom are fighting on KSW 39: Colosseum on May 27th at the Warsaw National Stadium.

Fernando Rodrigues is a devout Christian, while Marcin Rozalski worships Satan – something that hasn’t gone amiss when it comes to promoting this clash. “A cross and a pentagram in the MMA cage. Kids shall not watch this fight without their parents.” states Maciej Kawulski, KSW co-founder.

Naturally, both fighters are happy to play on their roles as emissaries for their respective deities, and both seem convinced that they have a supernatural advantage based on their worshipping practices. “Him being a satanist puts him immediately in a disadvantageous position because my God is more powerful than his. This will be a ‘good vs. evil’ showdown and the ‘good’ will become victorious,” said Rodrigues Jr.

Satanists espouse self reliance and isn’t all about slaughtering chickens, so much as being in tune with the natural world. “The ‘good vs. evil’ showdown? So I’m the ‘evil’ one, right? If you look for help from anyone else it means you’re weak. I believe in myself and he doubts himself, I don’t need help from anybody. You can believe in anything you want. It’s not faith that defines men, it’s our deeds, our respect to the environment around us and the respect to coexisting species,” replied Rozalski.

So far, his mindset has stood him in good stead, as Rozalski only began fighting MMA at 39 years old after a career as a K1 fighter and earned his shot at this Heavyweight title fight after submitting Polish national hero, Mariusz Pudzianowski a year ago.

Whether or not rivers run with blood and the hordes ammass at the stadium from Heaven and Hell remains to be seen, but this will surely be a legendary clash for the title.

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