Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos, the fighter who was on the receiving end of Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s flying knee last year [not to mention his Pokemon Go themed celebration straight afterward] and sustained an horrific caving in of his forehead, is set to return to MMA soon.

Santos had announced his intention to retire, following the injury, but doctors plated his skull with a load of titanium and screws and it would appear that the surgery has been so successful that his skull is now stronger than ever.

Cyborg Santos: The Man With The Metal Skull - Back to Fight Again?

Santos skull scan showing the damage sustained in the fight

“Truthfully, I announced my retirement earlier this year because it was a way of focusing on what I’m doing and breaking the anxiety of going back to training and wanting to be fighting and competing. I couldn’t focus on what I needed to focus on and I didn’t even give myself the time I needed to recover from such a severe injury. So, announcing my retirement was a way to focus on other things, but that doesn’t stop me from returning and getting back to active competition.”

“Next year, if I’m training well, I intend to go back [to competition], yes, I have that wish. I want to get back and have another ten or twelve fights before retiring. [It’s a decision] by impulse, but in a rational way.”

“What has changed since my surgery is that I’m no longer training with the same intensity, because now I am also attending classes with amateur and professional athletes. I am here in Curitiba, I will stay until the end of the year and share my knowledge with the new generation here at Chute Boxe headquarters.

Santos joked about his bionic cranium, hoping that it will be stronger than nature intended in future. “They say that when you put titanium in your jaw, it gets stronger, and I put it in my forehead,” Santos said. “The doctors didn’t tell me anything about it, but I hope it brings me more benefits [laughs]. I’ll know as soon as I return to training.”

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