A Wrestler Just Signed to the UFC

A seasoned wrestler who also trains BJJ under Rener Gracie was announced as the UFC’s latest signing, post UFC 181, and this seemed to cause a lot of people to lose their sh*t.

He wasn’t the first and he sure as hell won’t be the last, but Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks just followed the likes of Dave Bautista and Brock Lesnar into the Octagon as he signed up with The UFC – and said it was the easiest decision he has ever made. “It was actually a really easy decision to make. Time will tell how wise of a decision it was. I’m excited. I finally feel there’s something I can put 100 percent of myself into and I will get 100 percent back.” he said at the UFC 181 post-fight press conference.

Responses to the announcement have, obviously been mixed, but we aren’t gonna judge until he’s got a least one fight under his belt. Good luck CM!

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