Almighty Fighting Championship 5 takes place this Saturday at the best venue for MMA in Leeds –  The O2 Academy. Tickets are still available to watch the event live, but if you can’t make it to Leeds, then you can still watch the event live on MMA Uncaged.

You will not want to miss their amateur lightweight tournament final. 8 men started, we have 2 alternates in the semi finals and now we are down to 2 very good fighters. The dark horse Nicolae Pirogan from Gorilla Fight Team takes in the Dungeon MMA fighter Kieran Lister. The winner will receive £500 plus the title. Who will win?

Fight Card:

Pro Fights

70kg Title Jack Grant 11-4 ASW v Kimbo Thinghaugen 5-3 Vallhall Gym

66kg Jordan Desborough 10-4 SBG UK v Tom Mearns 4-0 BST Northampton

66kg Richard Herbert 1-0 Charles Martin MMA v Barry Hardwick 2-0 Middlesborough Fight Academy

77kg Rastislav Toth 2-2 Team HaratMMA Hull v Tricomitis Andreas debut Proper Gym

77kg Dave Sutcliffe 0-1 Hyde MMA v @Quinton de vreught debut Vallhall Gym


77kg Lee Kennedy 3-1 APEX MMA v Robert Wolfe 5-2 Hammer MMA

61kg Craig Skelton 3-4 Kao Loi Gym v Chris Mike Hayes 2-5 Exiles/Fuzata Muay Thai

70kg Stuart Graham 5-3 Fight Ministry Hull v Ryan Grayson 2-1 Middlesbrough Fight Academy

66kg Harry Ettridge 1-2 Kao Loi Gym v Oscar Ownsworth 3-2 Steel Evolution

93kg Matty Byfield 2-1 UTC v Dawid Oskar 1-1 Independent Steele

73kg Kadeem Stewart 3-2 ASW Manchester v Fredik Hoifodt 1-0 Vallhall Gym

70kg Final (Title) Kieran Lister 10-3 Dungeon MMA v Nicolae Pirogan 6-0 Gorilla Fight Team

70kg Tony Wood Debut Revolution Martial Arts Academy v Louis Blair debut Scramble Academy Leeds

84kg T King Rhino Daley 1-4 Wild Humble Fighting v Mikel NB 2-1 Notts MMA

66kg Nathan Bowler Debut Revolution Martial Arts Academy v Dylan Ó Donovan debut SBG Cork

66kg Ben Dickson 2-1 Dungeon MMA v Gergely Juhasz 3-1 Reps MMA

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