WATCH Celtic Gladiator 10 LIVE Here 4th November 7pm UK

Celtic Gladiator heads to York Hall in London for its 10th event. Watch it live here from 7pm UK time tonight (4th November). Frequently Asked Questions Przemyslaw Mysiala vs Jose Daniel Toledo Canellas The Celtic Gladiator 10 main event sees one of the UK’s longest serving light-heavyweights take on an explosive and dynamic opponent. Przemyslaw ‘Misiek’ […]

MMA Uncaged TV Episode 1: The Lightweights

In the inaugural episode of MMA Uncaged TV, presenters Ian Butlin and Jamie Hay are joined on the sofa by Brendan Loughnane, Kane Mousah, Antonio Sheldon and Martin Stapleton, some of the best known lightweight fighters in UK MMA right now. Brendan talks about his involvement in running and fighting on the first TANKO event, […]

Mismatches In MMA

Watch the video and see how unevenly matched some fighters can be, even I don’t think some of these fights should have happened but it’s all for the sport.

Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

Now some of these knock outs are great, just pure effort and resilience from these fighter. They show proud and passion in their movement and skills while inside the octagon. I just find it interesting how a timely blow can take a person down in a matter of seconds and these fighters have proven that in […]

UFC 200 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier The UFC 200 fight of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, the Champ against his competitor. With a great 5 round game, the Champ keeps his title and wins via unanimous decision. What a game and what a night it must have been.

Jose Aldo Highlights 2015

WATCH: Lest anybody think McGregor is going to simply walk over Jose Aldo. Here’s his brutal highlight reel, showcasing just why he’s going to be the Irishman’s toughest test to date…