Pancrase Returns to TV after 12 Years

PANCRASE, The No.1 Japanese MMA brand of the last 2 decades, is proud to announce that it shall once again broadcast it's events via major free TV station TV TOKYO for the first time in 12 years starting from spring 2015.

Unlike the variety show format that was broadcast before, this new deal promises to screen four seasonal 90 minute fight specials with fighters documentary. In addition to its standard free broadcast, TV TOKYO will also broadcast all 4 shows nationwide via its BS JAPAN satellite station. The show title and broadcast date/time are yet to be fixed but will be announced in the very near future. Details of other media broadcast outlets will also be announced over the coming weeks.

"I deliberately withheld PANCRASE fight archive footage until now because I had many different ideas to consider before releasing them to the public." says PANCRASE CEO Masakazu Sakai."However, we now have our own production team in place that can film each tournament in high definition quality for both live streaming purposes as well as for event highlight reels that we have been uploading to YouTube."

"Now the time has finally come to share our broadcasts with all PANCRASE and MMA fans and the general public. It's taken us a while but the wait is now finally over. As of February 1st 2015, PANCRASE and MMA fans will be able to enjoy our events in the comfort of their own homes thanks to our 3 camera units and additional crane camera, complete with a commentary. Though of course we are delighted to be back on terrestrial television after a 12 year absence, I intend to keep working hard to promote all of our fighters throughout the country. In addition, I am determined to work hand-in-hand with TV TOKYO and BS JAPAN to show all sports fans and viewers in Japan that MMA is the ultimate fighting event."