One of Europe’s most exciting light heavyweights, Przemyslaw Mysiala, put on a show for fight fans with a first round finish at the Civic Hall in Essex, at Celtic Gladiator 12. Przemyslaw ‘Misiek’ Mysiala – the powerful, precise and proficient Mixed Martial Artist from Poland (living in London for 12 years) – has picked up another finish with a flawless performance at Celtic Gladiator 12. The light heavyweight fighter is now riding a six-fight unbeaten streak after his first-round submission victory over Dimitri Bouchet, which saw him add another highlight reel finish to his already impressive record of 21-9.

When asked about his win at Celtic Gladiator 12, he said: “I feel very good about the win. As always, I go in there for the win as quick as possible”.

Przemyslaw 'Misiek' Mysiala Wins At Celtic Gladiator 12

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In the co-main event of the evening, ‘Misiek’ continued with his dominant fighting style during his bout with Dimitri Bouchet. The Jiu Jitsu specialist put on a predominant performance as he quickly demonstrated his superiority over his opponent with an early takedown. From there on it was Przemyslaw’s world. After elegantly passing the guard of his opponent, he became an immediate threat as he effortlessly dictated the direction of this fight.

However, Dimitri Bouchet did well to secure the reversal and obtain a takedown of his own. Nonetheless, his efforts were wasted as Przemyslaw is dangerous from anywhere on the ground. A number of submission attempts and exquisite transitions from Przemyslaw kept Dimitri busy.

Dimitri eventually escaped and stood up. But not for long. As he was met with a set of powerful strikes from Przemyslaw which dropped him, and ‘Misiek’ pounced on the opportunity to lock in a perfect Kimura finish.

Przemyslaw has consistently shown the world why he is one of the best light heavyweights in the sport. He is renowned for his aggressive style, world class Jiu Jitsu game and a fighter who finishes his fights. He has finished 20 of his 21 wins throughout his professional career.

Yes, 20 finishes from 21 victories.

Przemyslaw 'Misiek' Mysiala Wins At Celtic Gladiator 12

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Przemyslaw added: “I don’t really like to leave it to the judges as it can go either way.  I always want to finish the fight quicker, if its ground, its ground, if its stand-up, just finish the guy. This is always my plan”

When Przemyslaw was asked about his plans for the future, he said: “My plan is to get to the UFC, it’s my dream to get there. They are coming to Poland in October so it would be great to get on that card.” Przemyslaw even went on to reveal how he is good enough to stand with the best in the division, such as Jimi Manuwa, he said: “I know this guy is from UFC and I’m good enough to handle that, even Jimi whatever. Without a doubt, I can beat him”.

Now, isn’t that a fight we would all like to see.

Przemyslaw 'Misiek' Mysiala Wins At Celtic Gladiator 12

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Written by Toby Clarke

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