It’s been five years since Dan Hardy was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome – a genetic electrical disorder that can affect the heart’s rhythm – and lost his medical clearance to fight in the UFC, despite being at the peak of his career. Hardy has insisted that, despite having the condition, he is unaffected by the symptoms and, as a result, should be allowed to fight.

Back in February, Dan recieved paperwork that cleared him, medically, to resume his fight career, and the former welterweight title contender has expressed a desire to return to the cage, despite having made a career for himself within the UFC as a TV analyst. The next stage to his return is getting himself into the testing pool to be cleared to fight by the USADA.

Following the UFC Fight Night 109, Dan Hardy spoke with fans at a Q&A event and reiterated his desire to face one last opponent but, despite a recent call out from Mickey Gall, Hardy is looking for a foe of similar vintage to himself.

“I’m not interested in the belt or the rankings anymore. If I was stepping back in, it would be purely for the love of martial arts,” Hardy said. “I’m not interested in trying to knock out any contenders or anything like that. As fun as it would be to get the gold for the one time, I’m past the point of investing my life into the sport.”

Responding to Mickey Gall’s callout, Dan said, “I like his enthusiasm. He’s a young kid. He’s had four fights – he’s fought one MMA fighter, he’s fought an actor, he’s fought a journalist, and he’s fought a beginner… If I’m stepping back in, I don’t get any excitement out of beating up a kid. I just don’t.”

Dan Hardy [25-10-1 MMA, 6-4 UFC] is looking for a fight with a veteran fans are familiar with -somebody with “not less than 15 to 20 fights.”

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