Boxing is a popular and entertaining sports yet it has too many issues. Compared with the UFC, the boxing has too many disadvantages. The sport has too much bureaucracy which is a huge hindrance. Only a complete restructure can make it as closely interesting as the UFC.

While we are talking about UFC and boxing, we don’t imply that boxing is no fun. It has its own merits, and if you are a boxing fan then you should definitely be excited about the coming match between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. This match is the hugely anticipated match which will take place on the 31st of the coming March at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

This will be a winner takes all match which will decide whether Joshua or Parker will take the WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO titles. It is important to note here that Joshua is currently having a run of 20 consecutive wins (all by knock-outs) while Parker is enjoying a record of 24-0 with 18KOs.

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1- Submission

Boxing does not have one thing which makes fighting more interesting despite having many knockouts. It lacks submissions which makes the fights very interesting.

While the UFC gives more avenues to get a win for a champion and defeat his opponent. There are instances in the history of the UFC when a submission went too far and fighters either went unconscious or broke a limb. This lack of avenues in boxing is what makes it less fun and less interesting to watch as compared to the UFC.

2- Cage fights vs ring fights

In Boxing, the fighers fight on a square canvas which is surrounded by ropes that pass through the poles at the corner. This has been a standard arena for fighting from a long time. However, the 8 sided cages which are employed in the UFC is much more fun and interesting.

3- One legitimate sanctioning body

The number of legitimate sanctioning bodies in boxing are enormous. There are the names of World Boxing Organization, the World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Council. And for all the 17 divisions, all the sanctioning bodies have their own titles. That means that 68 possible boxers at a given time can claim to be the best which looks a little silly.

While on the other hand, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the only top sanctioning body for the mixed martial arts. Therefore, 8 divisions with a single authority makes a total of only 8 fighters who can claim to be the best in the world.

4- The Entire Body is fighting

The whole of boxing revolves around punching and defense. On the other hand, the UFC combines all the elements of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and other martial arts into one amazing sports. The fighters of UFC can attack any part of the opponent’s body from any angle. While in boxing, the fighters are very limited which makes it less fun and entertaining?

5- Boxing’s scoring system

Boxing’s scoring system can be a little unfair sometimes which can be seen in the case Pacquiao-Bradley match. However, the UFC will always give a result that people will agree with. Therefore, the UFC fans will always feel satisfied with the result even if their favorite is beaten.

6- Always best fighter against the other best

There is a guarantee in the UFC matches that the best fighter will always fight with the other best. There is no dodging in UFC. The champion could even be stripped of his title if he does not compete with the number one contender. The same can’t be said about boxing where it is not necessary that the best boxer will fight the other best.


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