2022 Indianapolis 500 Results: Marcus Erickson fights too late to beat the Indi 500 with dramatic caution

Marcus Eriksen returned the chip Kanasi Racing to Victory Lane on the Indianapolis 500, grabbed the McLaren Arrow SP race car and chased CGR, Tony Conan’s teammate, to the end of the Pato Overd.

This is Chip Kanazi’s team’s fifth indie 500 win, but for the first time since 2012, and the team saw dominance at the end of May. The team continued to top the pace table throughout May and Sunday was very important.

Eriksson, wearing a helmet painted in memory of his late compatriot Ronnie Peterson, took the lead after the final series of bit stops. Before the crash of Sweden’s Jimmy Johnson, the IndyCar Red flagged off the race and brought the field into the pit lane as it froze.

“I can not believe it,” Erickson said. “I prayed so hard that there would not be another yellow.

It was a two-lap shootout when they emerged, and O’Ward immediately tried less and then more, but Eriksen proved too strong and kept it up.

“It was hard to focus again,” Erickson said, “and I did everything I could to keep them behind me.”

While leading the field through Ericsson Turn 4, Sage Karam got a little help when he carom from the exit walls from Turn 2, he froze the ground once again and let him out of breath as he crossed the fort as the second Sweden to win after the Indianapolis 500. Kenny Brock.

Unofficial Top 10

  1. Marcus Erickson
  2. O’Ward duck
  3. Tony Conan
  4. Felix Rosenquist
  5. Alexander Rosie
  6. Connor Daly
  7. Helio Gastronovs
  8. Simon Beganat
  9. Alex Palo
  10. Santino Ferrucci
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