Alaska Rep.-elect ‘optimistic’ about November following historic election

Beltola also addressed his relationship with Republican challenger and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Beltola is said to have hailed her as “a true Alaskan chick.” Following Beltola’s success. Beltola will again face both Palin and Republican Nick Begich III in the fall.

“I expect attacks [approaching the November election]”I’ve had my fair share of attacks here in this special election, but I feel a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood with others who are contesting,” Beltola said.

Under the new system, voters rank their preferences By choice rather than choosing one. If no candidate receives a majority of first-place votes, the remaining votes are reallocated from the lowest performers to second or third choices until a hopeful receives more than half the votes.

The Cook Political Report last week upgraded the race from “Republican” to a “toss-up,” possibly indicating his fall behind the Alaska Democratic Party.

Beltola was the first native-born Alaskan elected to Congress. He is the first Democrat from Alaska to be elected to the House since 1970, and only the second Democrat to be elected to either the House or the U.S. Senate in the last 40 years.

Madison Fernandez contributed to this report.

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