At Jim Nantes, Grief and an epic Bills win over the Chiefs

Doris Nantes He passed away earlier this month At the age of 92. Her family said she cared about everyone’s well-being before her own and her children knew her as the best mother and grandmother anyone could have. You may not have heard of Doris Nantes, but you certainly know her son. He called the Bills’ victory 24-20 Leaders Sunday with Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson.

Jim Nantes is a longtime pro, so you wouldn’t know based on Sunday’s broadcast that he was, in his own words, “depressed” by the loss of Doris. My mother passed away in March 2020, a week before the world turns upside down, the sense of loss never quite goes away. I was thinking of Doris Nantes this Sunday as her son called the epic battle between the AFC’s top teams, 266 days after Kansas City’s spellbinding overtime victory in last year’s AFC divisional playoff game. I said Doris was a frequent guest on CBS Sports at Super Bowls and Final Fours.

Jim Nantes was excellent from the jump on Sunday’s game, including a Patriots-Browns audience introduction and a pair of plays in the Buffalo-Kansas City game, resetting to 4:28 pm ET. Where is the drama? Buffalo Quarter Josh Allen Widespread

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