Disney’s latest Pinocchio trailer brings the boy to life

A new trailer has been released for Disney’s upcoming live-action film Pinocchio A film directed by Robert Zemeckis (The Man Behind Back to the future, Creator of Roger RabbitAnd Polar Express) compared to what we’ve seen of the film up to this point, it shows more of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth’s titular character and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Jiminy Cricket.

Disney’s The first teaser of the film, which came out in May, mostly worked on setting up the world and the story—it was cut short just before Pinocchio was brought to life. In the new trailer, we see the toy-turned-boy running through the streets, talking to a circus ringmaster and a pirate-looking fox. We also, of course, see his nose grow, presumably after telling a lie.

To address the toy-swallowing whale in the room: yes, there really is another one. Pinocchio The movie is coming to a major streaming service this year, and is from a legendary director and stars a big-name cast. It’s interesting to compare it to Disney’s most recent trailer Netflix’s stop-motion adaptation of the story, directed by Guillermo del Toro. The former definitely feels like Disney Other recent adaptations of its classic filmsThe latter feels like a very different take on the story.

Netflix Pinocchio is slated to release in December, while Disney’s Disney Plus will premiere on September 8.

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