Dodgers-Padres Game 2 featured an underground swing, a duck loose after long balls and Life: Weird & Wild on LDS

A duck was on the loose! … Homer water of Jordan It was still flying! … and two outs, nobody’s new stupid run-scoring formula in that Phillies-Braves series!

But in the second day of our weird and wild series of coverage, there’s only one place to start — a guy playing on a pitch that goes toward the center of the Earth.

1. Ounce more bounce

With Election Day approaching, you’ll be hearing a lot about swing states. But here at the Weird and Wild program, we’re more interested Professor JuricksonThe swing position of

That’s because the Padres had an otherwise 5-3 Game 2 win in the fourth inning on Wednesday night. CheatersSuch was the swing position of Profar.

So what’s up? That’s it Fathers‘ The swing-fling left fielder took a real hack at Clayton Kershaw’s curveball heading toward home plate at Dodger Stadium in a nationally televised postseason baseball game — but first had to change planes at O’Hare.

Look, I know the most important things happened in the two division series games on Wednesday. But we have many great writers to record those things. We just have an October weird and wild schedule. What could have happened in these games more weird and wild than that swing … except maybe this one.

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