Donald Trump endorses Darren Bailey in Illinois GOP primary

Menton, In. – Former President Donald Trump used a rural West-Central Illinois Fairgrounds rally Saturday night to endorse Darren Bailey as the first Republican candidate for governor since Tuesday. Rowe V. For the US Supreme Court’s decision to quash Wade’s case.

“Darren is a farmer and he’s a fighter and he has been an outstanding warrior in the Illinois State Senate, where he is absolutely, utterly respected,” Trump told a crowd of thousands in the Adams County Fairground near Queensland.

“He will defeat the crime of city-swallowing violence perpetrated by our Democrats and restore the state of Illinois to greatness. I fully and wholeheartedly endorse Darren,” Trump said, calling for the first re-election of Democrat Governor JP Britz as “one of America’s worst governors.”

Bailey, a staunch Trump supporter who is actively seeking the former president’s approval as the cornerstone of success in the six-way GOP primary race, said Illinois welcomes Trump’s new White House initiative in 2024.

“Here is the deal. I will not lie to anyone and will not leave anything unattended. When I see it, I will name it, ”Bailey said after Trump told the story of the former president’s snatching false hair from his head during a pre-rally photo shoot.

“Guys, Illinois has our jobs for us,” Bailey said. “I promise President Trump that Illinois will roll out the red carpet for him in 2024 because Illinois will be ready for President Trump.”

Trump lost Illinois by 17% of the vote in his bid for the presidency in 2016 and he lost in 2020.

Trump, who often delays approvals until he’s confirmed a candidate’s victory, predicted that Bailey would “win the election first and foremost, and you will win the election.”

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Bailey, Trump’s nominee for president in 2020, is from the lower Illinois, where voters have been steadfast in their support for the former president, and he has sought to cultivate their support for his governorship, which is gradually growing across the state. .

He was also a very outspoken critic of Britsker, who initially encouraged an evangelical rural populist candidacy rejecting urban Chicago’s cultural policies, while initially trying to prevent the Democratic governor’s epidemic orders from failing – and ultimately failed.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irwin, Petersburg investor Jesse Sullivan, Bull Valley businessman Gary Rabine, former Waterloo state senator. Bailey is in the field of candidates, including Paul Shimp and Hazel Crest lawyer Max Solomon.

Trump’s visit is aimed at boosting Miller’s vote, which has been embroiled in controversy over a five – time contest against Republican U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis in the newly drawn 15th Congress district. The contest between Miller and Davis, a faction of the democratic redistricting body following the 2020 census, will be a contest between Republican Congress incumbents in the state’s primary election on Tuesday.

Trump endorsed Miller on January 1 and held a fundraising event for him at his Mar-a-Lago estate. But Davis has the support of 31 of the district’s 35 GOP leaders and many of the local GOPs, including neighboring GOP congressmen Darin LaHood of Peoria and Mike Post of Murphyboro.

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“With Mary, you must choose the fearless United States’ first patriot,” Trump said. “She’s an incredible woman, someone I know well. She’s been with me since day one. You know, she said the bad things about me two years ago, three years ago, a year ago,” a warrior for our movement, “Trump said.

Attacking two Republicans on the House Select Committee investigating Trump’s role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol uprising, the former president told the crowd, “If you (Wyoming American representative) want to send a message to Liz. Cheney, (Illinois) U.S. Representative Adam Kingsinger and (Democratic American House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the fake media, you have to vote for Mary Miller, the truly amazing person this Tuesday.

Miller said he would like to thank Trump “on behalf of the MAGA patriots in the United States” for “historic victory for the lives of whites in the Supreme Court,” but did not elaborate on what he meant. A campaign spokesman said after the rally that Miller was claiming a “right to life”, but was wrong.

The court ruled that “it would never have been possible for RINOs without Trump to have gotten their way” – to label Davis “only in the name of the Republic.”

After Trump’s speech, Davis predicted he would win on Tuesday, despite trying to assert his support for the former president’s policies while in the White House.

“I’m always been proud of my conservative record of working with him during Trump’s tenure.

Trump sought to borrow money for appointing three conservative judges during his presidency and for their part in the 6-3 ruling, which overturned the court’s 1973 ruling.

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“The court gave victory to the Constitution, victory to the rule of law and, above all, victory to life,” Trump said. Citing generations of the anti-abortion movement and the Constitutional Conservatives, he said, “Your boundless love, sacrifice and commitment have finally been fully rewarded.”

At the meeting, they chanted “Thank you Trump.”

Not far from the Mississippi River Bluff across the Missouri, thousands of Trump supporters gathered inside and around the exhibition grounds, many wearing sports red “Mac America Great Again” hats and some declaring “Jesus is my Savior”. Trump is my president ”and“ God, guns and Trump. ”

In a sign of Trump’s dominance of Republican voters, Rhonda Goodwin of nearby Queensland admitted that she did not know much about Miller’s two years in Congress, but that the former president’s approval was enough for him.

“Anyone who recognizes Trump will be a winner,” Goodwin said. “I did not do my own research completely. I thought his people had tested her more than I could. If he supports her, that’s what I need.”

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