Live announcements of primary elections: California News and more

Primary voters in seven states, including California and New Jersey, will go to the polls Tuesday to select their party’s candidates for statewide offices such as the governors of New Mexico and South Dakota; To the mayor of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the country, and dozens of House seats.

Crimes abound in the minds of Californians: San Francisians decide whether to fire their district attorney, and weigh in on whether Angelinois will choose their next mayor, a longtime Democrat, or a billionaire former Republican who promises to break crime and homelessness. And clean up the city.

Senator Charles E. Iowa of the Republican Party of Iowa. Crosley, 89, is expected to have no more opposition as he is set to take office for the eighth time this November. Other races offer more play.

Here’s a look at Tuesday’s tournaments in New Jersey, Mississippi, Iowa, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana and California:

The actual battlefield map comes into view

In most parts of the country, the reshuffle of Congress elevated both parties. Mars will show most of the remaining battlefield. Nine of the 53 House seats in Cook’s political statement are in California, New Mexico and Iowa.

Once upon a time, Democrats tracked down the districts where they could commit crimes: four Republican seats in California, now owned by deputies David Valadao, Mike Garcia, Michelle Steele and Young Kim, and one in Yew Herrell in New Mexico.

If those races did not add a bit of suspense to Tuesday’s poll, California’s extraordinary primary organization could give political maniacs a very late night. Under the organization, which was founded under former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the party meets the first two people who received votes on the first night in November.

As always, a few races end up facing a Republican with a Republican or a Democrat meeting with a Democrat. Based on Tuesday’s results, some places are sure to change hands.

Democratic miscalculations and missed opportunities

In New Mexico, Democrats who are in complete control of the state capital in Santa Fe, in the hope of capturing a Republican seat in southern New Mexico, have had the opportunity to soak south of the district boundaries and secure a seat in the beautiful north of the state.

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But in a bad democratic year, they may have exaggerated their hand: instead of believing that the House will wipe out three House seats, Democrats are now worried that Republicans will take that seat and take another seat.

Redistribution in California was in the hands of a non-partisan commission that allowed Democrats to win some Republican seats and elect the first Hispanic representative in the Central Valley.

But Democrats will lose some House seats, including the place of Katie Porter, one of the party’s rising stars. Mrs. Besides Porter, Southern California Coast Representative Mike Levine is sweating over his re-election, and a new location in Central California, the 13th District, is supposed to be democratic in a normal year, but it’s not.

Democrats Mr. They hoped to hold a play for Crosley’s Iowa Senate constituency. But Mr. Crosley, who turns 95 at the end of his next term, wanted to run for re-election. Abby Finkenair, 33, a Democrat’s preferred candidate who once served in the House, also struggled to get to the polls.

Protocol deficiencies can be costly. Except when they are not.

New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski was a heavyweight on foreign policy in his party. He was Washington’s director of Human Rights Watch before becoming the Obama administration’s top human rights official in the State Department.

Mr. Malinowski turned his attention to electoral politics in 2018, defeating the moderate Republican Leonard Lance in the Democratic wave that year. In 2020, he defeated Thomas Keane Jr., the son and son of the famous former New Jersey governor, by a margin of 5,311 votes.

debt…Pool photo by Graeme Jennings

On Tuesday, Mr. Keane is very fond of Mr. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats. The redistricting turned his narrow democratic seat into a narrow Republican.

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In 2020, Mr. Despite Keane’s defeat, the governor’s son is a strong opponent in a state where family names are important (Senator Bob Menendez’s son Robert J. Menendez is the Democrat’s favorite for another House seat). And Mr. Malinowski, under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, admitted to failing to properly disclose thousands of dollars in stock trading.

On the other hand, another House candidate with a verified protocol record, Ryan Jinke, is expected to win his GOP primary and return to the House from Montana’s first district. Mr. Mr. Jinke left Washington in 2018. Became Trump’s first home secretary. A cloud of interest-inquiries and questionable taxpayer expenses.

Trump’s swing and miss in South Dakota

Former President Donald J. Mr. Trump, 2020. He promised to punish South Dakota Republican Senator John Dune for not publicizing enough of the lie that Trump won re-election. “South Dakota does not like weakness. He will be prioritized in 2022 and his political career will be over! The former president made the announcement on Twitter in December 2020, before he was barred from the podium.

debt…Shuran Huang for The New York Times

But the governor of South Dakota, Christy Noam, wanted to run in the re-election instead of the Senate, and no serious contender was Mr. Mr. Trump. Dune did not accept. As a result, Republican voters in South Dakota voted against Mr. Dune can be easily recommended – Mr. Rejected by Trump as a “Republican in name only” and a “Mitch’s boy” – for re-election, he was elevated as Mitch McConnell’s outspoken successor. Of the President of the Senate Kentucky.

They will field Ms. Illness to run for president or, if Mr. Trump runs, make a play for vice president.

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Law and order on the left coast

Los Angeles and San Francisco are popularly rich and liberal, but just as California has retreated from harsh criminal policies in the past, the rise of the homeless and a sense of growing chaos have silenced voters in both cities.

Crime rates are not close to the highs of the 1990s, but city dwellers have been battling two-and-a-half years of epidemics with increasingly devastated business districts, poor tent camps, smashing and economic imbalances.

In Los Angeles, the race for office next to Mayor Eric Corsetti has erupted into a confrontation between the local democratic establishment and tense property owners.

Representative Karen BossFormer President and longtime party leader of the Black Caucus in Congress, and Rick Caruso, A former Republican millionaire who served on the city’s police commission, is at the forefront. For television, radio and digital commercials portraying Los Angeles as a shocking hell scene besieged by crime, Mr. Caruso has spent millions of dollars.

debt…Jim Wilson / The New York Times

In San Francisco, similarly prolonged epidemic boycotts and an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes sparked a campaign to recall progressive Chesa Bowden, a district attorney-elect who promised to rid the city of its reliance on imprisonment. Like Los Angeles, San Francisco calls for repression of criminals Written by some of the richest men in the city. But it has also tapped into the fears of the middle class.

More broadly, the race for attorney general in California will test the state’s transition from mass prison and its appetite for leaders coming from outside the Democratic Party. When Xavier Bezera joins the administration in 2021, Rob Ponta, a member of the Progressive Democrats appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom, is running for full term. Two Republicans and one who became an independent from the Republican Party are running to face him in November.

Independent Anne Marie Schubert is a district attorney in Sacramento County and is prosecuting the Golden State killer. He has strong law enforcement support and is widely regarded as a moderate. Of the three candidates who argue that progressive reforms have not made California safer, he is the only one without the support of a major party.

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