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Screenwriter Madson Tomlin Listens again to the bat-signal’s call.

Tomlin rejoins Matt Reeves to write Batman 2Reeves’ follow-up to the well-received Robert Pattinson-starrer Caped Crusader was a hit with audiences.

Plot details are kept in the batkey. It’s also unclear whether Batman’s classic nemesis, the Joker, will be featured They teased in the final moments Filmed by Reeves and portrayed by Barry Keoghan. The news comes as Reeves has signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Tomlin worked Batman, although he did not receive credit for the screenplay, which Reeves shared with Peter Craig, came during development when third-act problems arose. At this moment, Tomlin arrives on the ground floor.

Batman, released on March 4, took a gritty crime drama approach to DC’s character superheroes, grossing $770.8 million worldwide in the process. Reeves’ involvement in a sequel was not guaranteed and a deal took longer than usual, thanks in part to the acquisition of WarnerMedia by Discovery, which was revealed in the spring.

The writing process has not yet begun but is expected in the coming weeks.

A fast-rising writer, Tomlin has two credited movies in 2020, including an action-thriller. project powerStarring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he wrote and made his directorial debut in 2021. Thai/Android, a sci-fi thriller starring Chloe Grace Moretz. Tomlin I met Reeves that day Thai/Androidwhich Batman Produced by the filmmaker.

Tomlin worked Batman Made his comic book debut writing the Batman miniseries Batman: The Imposter, drawn by Andrea Sorrentino and released in 2021 to strong reviews. Tomlin is working now BRZRKR, an adaptation of Netflix’s Boom! Studios book co-created by Keanu Reeves.

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He is repped by CAA and Grandview.

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