Moderna seeks FDA approval for the Omigron variant-specific booster shot

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Moderna has said it will approve the renewal Corona virus The company described the vaccine, designed to protect against Omigron substitutes, as its “leading candidate” for the Fall Booster, but it is unclear how effective the shot will be against the latest versions of the Omigron variant spreading across the United States.

Preliminary data released by the company on Wednesday show that its Omigron-targeted corona virus booster candidate has produced 1.75 times more neutralizing antibodies against the winter-spreading version of Omigran, known as BA.1, compared to the current vaccine.

But the Omigran variant changed so quickly that many new subtypes have emerged that are even better at avoiding the protection of the immune system. Two of them, known as BA.4 and BA.5, are now responsible for 13 percent of new corona virus cases in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say in new estimates. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Biden executives say they are preparing for the fall and winter waves 100 million corona virus infections And a significant number of deaths driven by the Omigron subtype. The availability of highly effective vaccines makes it even more important to protect the elderly and the most vulnerable, in particular.

Although researchers are testing its booster dose against BA.1, Moderna executives said in a call Wednesday that they believe the updated vaccine will provide additional protection against newer Omigron subtypes. Even though Updated The booster offers less protection against post-Omigron subtypes than the PA1, which may be more effective than the company’s current booster, said Stephen Hoek, president of Moderna.

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“We are very confident that this vaccine will provide a benefit against the family of Omigran subtypes as well,” Hodge told a news conference.

As soon as the Omigron variant was identified in South Africa late last year, Moderna Said It creates shots designed to combat variation. Pfizer and Bioendech Announced In the same program, they have not yet released data on the improved vaccine.

Moderna publishes data to support its fall vaccination strategy

Data from a recent clinical trial involving 437 participants showed that Moderna’s Omigron-target booster provides long-term protection against variants after one month compared to previous versions of its corona virus vaccine, Moderna said.

The booster was “generally well tolerated,” with side effects comparable to previous boosters, the company said.

For months, the White House has been pushing Congress for more than $ 20 billion in response to the corona virus. Legislators have not yet approved the new fund.

The official number of new daily corona virus infections is slowly rising in the United States, although the actual number is believed to be much higher because many people are testing themselves at home. The country has seen a 38 percent increase in new cases in the past week Statistics Compiled by The Washington Post, protection from booster shots and previous infections is declining and more and more people are living their lives without masks.

Worldwide, there are new cases of corona virus Still declining After the Omigran variant triggered millions of new diseases worldwide, it triggered infections in the winter.

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