More than 3,500 flights have been canceled so far over Memorial Day weekend

Not just air travelers I face the sticker shock this weekend, Kickoff for the summer travel season. They also handle piles of flight cancellations.

More than 1,500 flights were canceled until 9:50 pm on Saturday, according to flight surveillance website FlightAware. More than 2,300 of those were canceled on Friday.

Delta Airlines was the hardest hit among American airlines, with more than 250 aircraft or 9% of its operations canceled on Saturday. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, based in Delta and its largest hub, has experienced severe travel delays. On Saturday, 5% of flights there were canceled, while 16% were delayed.

Air Cancellation Remembrance Day Weekend
On Thursday, May 26, 2022, passengers line up at the Northern Security Checkpoint at the main terminal of Denver International Airport.

David Zalubowski / AB

In an email to the Delta Associated Press, it noted that Saturday had been canceled due to bad weather and “air traffic control measures” and that it was trying to cancel flights at least 24 hours before the Memorial Day weekend.

Delta announced on its website on Thursday from July 1 to August 7 that it will reduce service by about 100 daily departures, primarily in Delta Frequent service areas and parts of Latin America.

“More than ever before in our history, various factors affecting our operations – such as weather and air traffic control, sales personnel, increased COVID case rates contribute to an unplanned shortage in some workplaces – resulting in an operation that has not been up to the standards set by the Delta industry in recent years.” Customer Experience Officer Alison Asbond said in a post.

Airlines and Tourist Places Looking forward to the monster crowd As travel restrictions are relaxed this summer, epidemic fatigue will alleviate the lingering fear of a Govt-19 infection during travel.

Many forecasters believe that the number of passengers will be in the good old, pre-epidemic days or will be higher than the volume. However, airlines have thousands of fewer employees than they had in 2019, and this has sometimes contributed to widespread air cancellations.

People who have booked trips for the summer, enjoy it Sticker shock.

Domestic airfare for the summer averages more than $ 400 per tour, which is 24% higher than this time in 2019 before the epidemic, and 45% stronger than it was a year ago, according to travel data company Hopper.

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