PGA Championship 2022 Live: Leaderboard with Rory McIlroy as Tiger Woods fights and the latest updates

<p>Tiger Woods was one of the early starters of the day moving into the Southern Hills </p>
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Tiger Woods was early in the day moving into the Southern Hills

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Follow all the steps when Will Zalatoris takes a one-shot lead in the third round of the PGA Championship.

The 25-year-old American continued his opening round of 66 with 65 runs on Friday as he bid to win his first major title. He will be paired with Mito Pereira in the final squad, who has never won a big match before. Behind them is a packed field that includes Papa Watson, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy. The Northern Irishman failed to make his fantastic start and scored an over-bar round 71 yesterday, now leading by five shots.

Tiger Woods once again showed extraordinary ability to avoid making the cut after 69 runs, however his hopes for a 16th big win are now obsolete. Many notable names have failed to make the cut, including world No. 1 and Masters champion Scotty Scheffler, Dustin Johnson and Patrick Cantley. “It’s definitely frustrating,” Scheffler said. “I’m disappointed too. A cut is not fun to miss. I want to play on the weekend and try to grind it as hard as I can. I do not have it this week.


PGA Championship

Make that +12 for Woods as the boogie streak extends into four holes. Damage was found in the green side bunker at Bar-4 12th.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 17:43


PGA Championship

Unfortunately for Tiger Woods this is turning out to be a scary afternoon.

Three bogeys in a row over the times have dropped him to +11, with eight overs to his round so far.

Rahm has now dropped two shots after creating the seventh bogey, but there is good news for Web Simpson, who will be coming in at -3 for the Eagle at Bar-5 a day.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 17:38


PGA Championship

Speed ​​starts his round with an opening double bogey, and Kopka and Rahm throw shots to further back down.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 17:22


PGA Championship

An impossible attempt to play in the match for Tiger Woods’ fifth US PGA Championship failed in the third round in the Southern Hills.

Woods cut the final seven holes of his second round in half with one shot for playing under two, leaving 12 shots in the presence of a 69 15-time key winner Will Zaladoris.

The 46-year-old, however, talked about the chances of creating a upsurge on the field, citing Papa Watson’s 63 shots as a possible score on Friday.

However, after drilling from 13 feet to save the first hole evenly, Woods drove into the creek separating the second hole, making a bogey five following the penalty drop, before finding more water in the sixth.

Woods missed his third shot in the green from the drop zone on the way to the triple-boogie six.

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Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 17:12


PGA Championship

Englishman Larry Cantor has given his round a fantastic start, entering the top 20 with three birdies from his opening five holes.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 17:04


PGA Championship: Triple Boogie for the Woods

Disaster for Woods – Bar-3 He fell down on the leaderboard with a triple-boogie six in sixth place. His tee shot was low in the green and found water, which hardened from there, failing to catch his ball green from the drop zone.

Woods sat at +7, four overs per round.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 16:31


PGA Championship: Upcoming Tea Times

Some big names coming up in the next hour, Koepka, Lowry, Rose, Spieth, Schauffele, Finau … Can any of them take action?

16:00 K. Bradley (US), H. Warner III (US)

16:10 P Copca (US), J Cockrock (US)

16:20 KH Lee (Core), S Lori (Ire)

16:30 Jay Rose (England), El Griffin (US)

16:40 De McCarthy (US), Jay Speed ​​(US)

16:50 X Schauffele (US), T Finau (US)

17:00 A Wise (US), R MacIntyre (Sco)

17:10 De Fleetwood (England), L Herbert (Ass)

17:20 R Fox (NZ), R Fowler (US)

17:30 P. Hosler (US), D. Hodge (US)

17:40 A Arnaus (Spa), V Hovland (Nor)

17:50 C Trinkel (US), S Power (Air)

18:00 B Reed (US), K Na (US)

18:10 B Wiesberger (Aut), M Homa (US)

18:20 De Cooch (US), Jay Neiman (C)

18:30 S Burns (US), G Woodland (US)

18:40 C Smith (Australia), C Young (US)

18:50 De Hutton (Ingi), M Kutcher (US)

19:10 S Zink (US), C Kirk (US)

19:20 De Riley (US), M Fitzpatrick (UK)

19:30 R McIlroy (NI), Answer (Max)

19:40 J Thomas (US), P Watson (US)

19:50 W. Jalatoris (US), M. Pereira (c)

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 16:11


PGA Championship

Bar-5 is a scramble for the Woods in fifth place, and parallel up and down. His movement found itself among the fans to the left of the Fairway and forced him to leave again. From the fair path, his attitude was left and narrow. But the well-controlled boot across the green was parallel to him.

More behind, Webb Simpson started fast with the birds in third and fourth.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 16:10


PGA Championship

Woods under five feet in fourth place! Beautiful approach, in the center of the green.

No … but the boot lips wrapped around his back. Bird seemed inevitable, but he was +1 that day.

Paradoxically, it was his playing partner, Shawn Norris, who created the birds – albeit from the banks of the creek to the back of the green.

He created the bird from 40 feet – what three!

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:52


PGA Championship

Morikawa gets a beautiful approach within the fifth to 10 feet as he returns to his round equalizer. Woods came to the front edge of the bar-three three in two shots, but his birdie foot left the height. He went to fourth and found a reasonable way.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:48

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