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Former President Donald J. Trump has endorsed more than 180 candidates for office in the 2022 midterm elections. Many run without competition or face little-known, poorly funded opponents.

But in the many races that competed, Mr. Trump’s record is mixed.

Mr. Trump’s approval, which won a candidate in Ohio’s Senate primary, was the first major test he paid to party voters since leaving office. He then went on to win in North Carolina and West Virginia – and in Pennsylvania – after a close reunion of nail-biters. In Georgia, however, many of his candidates were defeated in their quest for office.

In some of the most meticulously observed races Mr. You can see Trump’s endorsement record here.

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In Georgia, many losses, one win

Mr. Trump’s grip on his party is showing signs of weakening in Georgia.

Governor Brian Kemp Easily defeated Former Senator David Bertou, In the Republican primary for governor, Mr. Trump’s chosen candidate. Refusing to overcome the presidential re-election defeat there in 2020, Mr. Kemp Trump was the target. He will face Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams, whom he defeated four years ago.

After his 2020 defeat Mr. Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, who rejected Trump’s request, defeated one of Trump’s supporters. Representative couple Highs, In the Republican primary election. Mr. Rafenzberger received more than 52 percent of the vote, with Mr. Enough to avoid a second-round match against the Highs. The foundation of his campaign.

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Attorney General Chris Carr was defeated John GordonA Trump support Enemy, Received more than 73 percent of the vote.

In the Republican primary for an open seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congress district, the pro-Trump candidate, Jack EvansQualification A June 21 Runoff, he was second only to Rich McCormick, who received the most votes, having lost the lowest number of congressional races in the region two years ago.

Former professional football star Herschel Walker, Mr. Trump’s endorsement dominated the crowded Republican primary for the Senate. Mr. Although Walker won a landslide victory with more than 68 percent of the vote, Mr. Trump’s role was slightly lower. Mr. Walker faces Senator Rafael Warneck in the general election.

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Conquests in Pennsylvania

Doug Mastriano, A state senator and retired Army colonel who campaigned for countless false claims about the 2020 election and participated in demonstrations leading to the Capitol riots won the Republican nomination for governor of Pennsylvania. Mr. Trump endorsed him a few days before the May 17 primary.

After a close race, the re-number triggered, Dr. Mohamed OzMr. Trump’s preference, The state’s leading Republican party won the Senate primaryDave McCormick narrowly defeated.

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Two wins and one defeat in North Carolina

Representative Ted ButtMr. Recognized by Trump and the influential anti-tax group Club for Growth, he won the Republican nomination for the Senate. Go Hines26 year old young man Mr. The politics that fascinated Trump is newHe won his Republican primary for the House seat outside Raul.

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But Representative Madison Cavthorn Again and again shattered under the weight of corruption and wrongdoing. He was ousted in the May 17 election, which vehemently rejected the Trump-advised candidate. Voters elect state senator Chuck Edwards in the crowd.

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Conquests in Ohio

Senate candidate Jedi Vance Won He fought hard on the field of well-funded candidates who nominated themselves as Republicans like Trump. The writer and venture boss, Mr. Vance transformed himself into the “America First” candidate in 2022 from the self-described “never Trump guy” in 2016. His long campaign was financially benefited by the high costs of his former boss Peter. PayPal founder billionaire Thiel.

Max MillerThe former Trump aide, who has denied allegations of assault on his ex-girlfriend, later said Mr. Recognized by Trump, Won his House Primary The other two Republican incumbents did not run in the election. Representative Anthony Gonzalez, who voted to oust Mr Trump, Retired After two posts. Representative of Trump supporter Bob Gibbs, Abandoned After his district was drawn up late in the campaign, Mr. Stopped against Miller.

Mr. Trump also agreed Madison Kesioto Gilbert, A lawyer and former beauty queen, she was a proxy for her presidential campaign. She Won the seven-way primary An Open Congress seat was vacated by Democrat Tim Ryan, who is running in the Senate.

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A win in West Virginia

Incumbent in House Primary, Representative Alex Mooney For more than a decade Mr. McKinley was represented in more than one new congressional district by David McKinley.

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Mr. Trump’s approval was seen as a decisive factor in the rivalry, in which Mr. Mr. Mooney for supporting President Biden’s infrastructure spending agenda. Attacked McKinley and voted to form a committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Mr. Trump.

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A loss in Nebraska

Charles W. HerbsterA wealthy agribusiness manager, Lost His three-way primary to Jim Pillen, Regent of the University of Nebraska, was backed by Governor Pete Ricketts, who has long clashed with Trump and is subject to a time limit.

Mr. Herbster made his mark on Mr. Associated with Trump’s identity, he portrayed himself as a brave political alien who would seize the “swamp” of the state capital, Lincoln. Mr. Mr. Trump was a longtime financial supporter last year. Approved Herbster. Later in the campaign, Mr. Herbster was accused of liking several women. Mr. Herbster denied the allegations, saying they were made by his political rivals. Then Mr. Trump rallied for him.

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Another loss in Idaho

Mr. Brad Little, Governor of Idaho, to the Lieutenant Governor of the State. Trump breaks approval, Janice McGeachinWho challenged him in the Republican primary.

McGeachin, featured in the headlines Mr. Violation of Little’s epidemic ordersIn 2016 and 2020, Mr. Trump was desperately trying to win over the deep-red ultrasonicists. But he received less than 30 percent of the vote in Idaho, which has separate primaries for governor and lieutenant governor. The origin of the filtered pair.

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