Real Madrid beat Liverpool to win the Champions League

No matter how dangerous the situation may seem, no matter how impossible the victory may seem, the white-clad team will always find a way to success.

The night, however, was unfortunately plagued by security issues outside the stadium, which led to fans climbing over gates and others being targeted by tear gas, which will be talked about in the coming days.

For most of the match it wasn’t pretty; The white shirts continued to scatter throughout the penalty area as they actively tried to block the waves after the Liverpool attacks.

The chances for Carlo Ancelotti’s side were slim, but it only needed one. Vinicius Jr. turned Federico Valverde’s low cross and appeared completely unmarked within hours of Real’s 14th European title 1-0.

True defender Nacho described what his team did in the knockout stages of the Champions League as “magic” and many questioned whether those improbable escapes outside the Bernabeu were possible.

But the real doubt in your risk. There will always be another trick for this team.

When the full time whistle went off, the real bench exploded and the pitch was empty. Apart from themselves happily, some players sank to the ground while others ran to share the moment with their fans.

It’s another night of trials and tribulations for the Real team in this season’s Champions League, but no one can do that – and this remarkable Liverpool side – anytime Whites Seems like there is a date with the rule.

Ancelotti said briefly that anyone can trust it. “This club is special,” he said.

Ugly pre-match scenes

Real Madrid fans filled the end of the pitch an hour before the kick-off and greeted their players with thunder as they exited the subway.

Liverpool supporters took a while to filter out the ground, but those sitting in their seats serenaded the men in red with the sound of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ as the warm-ups came to an end.

The atmosphere created by the two sets of fans made the spine tremble and there was electricity in the air, which is reserved only for these types of occasions.

However, the kick-off was delayed by more than 35 minutes due to unpleasant scenes outside the stadium, with many fans unable to enter and authorities used tear gas.

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A dangerous obstacle formed around a certain entrance point and some people could be seen climbing over the closed doors and going to the ground.

The UEFA, the governing body of European football, has issued a statement saying that “the turnstiles at the edge of Liverpool were blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that did not work in turnstiles.”

It added: “As the numbers outside the stadium continued to increase after the game, police fired tear gas and drove them off the field.”

“The UEFA is sympathetic to the victims of these events and will urgently review these matters with the French police and authorities, along with the French Football Federation.”

A spokesman for the Paris police said: “Those without tickets were forced to cross the barricades and enter the stadium to watch the match. These attempts created congestion.”

Fans with multiple tickets, however, say they were prevented from entering the stadium in congested areas.

In a statement, Liverpool called for “great disappointment” and a formal inquiry into the problems outside the stadium.

“I still can’t talk to my family, but I know there were real struggles for families to enter the field,” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said after the game.

“I heard some good things. It was obviously very tricky, but I didn’t know much about it.”

Liverpool fans were unable to enter the stadium before the match.

The length of the delay means that teams must advance again for a second warm-up before the game begins.

As both sets of fans were getting ready for the original kick-off time at 9pm – no refurbishment in the stadium after fifteen minutes – there was a clear tension in the air due to several confusing conversations between supporters.

But the appearance of FIFA President Gianni Infantino on the big screens woke the fans from their slumber as he met with shouts and jokes from the entire stadium.

When singer Camila Capello began pre-match entertainment half an hour after the match began, supporters of both teams alternately drowned out her song. And Liverpool’s Allez, Allez, Allez. ‘

Liverpool dominated

The delay clearly affected the players as both teams struggled to find any rhythm in the opening stages. Passports went astray, permits were bent, and both sides struggled to find any intrusion into the enemy’s territory.

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Given the first chance of more than 15 minutes into the game, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s excellent personal effort, before he crossed two real defenders and dug a low cross into the box.

Mo Salah was about to meet it, but it came at his feet somewhat awkwardly and Thibaut Courtois was equal to it. Salah’s second chance came quickly, but it hit straight towards the real goalkeeper.

It was the first time both teams had continued to put pressure on each other, and Liverpool fans soon nodded again as Alexander-Arnold burned high above the bar while being well inside the box.

After more than five minutes of continuous waves of red shirts smashing Real Defense, Sadio Mane thought he had only found a starting player for C கோrdoba.

This is a testament to the remarkable savings that most Liverpool fans at the other end of the stadium have already begun to celebrate in anticipation of the net waves.

At this point, in about 30 minutes, Real were able to collect an overhit cross from Vinicius, which was looking for a split second to complicate Allison’s goal for Liverpool.

Now a clear pattern has emerged; Those in white were written in their half as unable to escape the Liverpool attack.

Vinicius Jr. scored the only game in the final.

Real fans, for their arrival, continued to chant their flags and scarves, trying to breathe life into their tapping team. They had the best seats in the house to see the almost perfect first half of Liverpool, but luckily the only thing they didn’t get close to was a goal.

Then, out of nowhere, Carlo Ancelotti’s side seemed to take a complete lead against the flow of the game. After throwing the ball around the penalty area, Benzema jumped the ball under Alison to go home, and his goal was immediately dismissed by the Linesman flag.

The decision, which initially seemed like an easy offside, felt like an age to confirm as VAR officials struggled to determine whether the Liverpool player’s opening ball had arrived.

Eventually, after a tense wait, those in red cheered as the offsite result was confirmed. It was a fittingly tense ending to be a thrilling first half.

Real hopping

There was a familiarity with the way the second half began to unfold as Liverpool maintained pressure on the Real side as it sank quickly under the weight of the occasion.

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It was a different scene. After all, it was a team, which made its name in this competition, constantly rewriting the record books and it seems impossible.

Then came the goal. It was against the flow of the game, yes, Liverpool seemed to be the only team to score in the opening minutes, but, in reality, this goal still felt inevitable. This always happens when playing Real Madrid.

Valverde found himself in space on the right and punched a teasing low pass across Cole’s face, while Vinicius hit the ball into the empty net in the far post.

Q Bedlam. As the celebrations of the Real fans lasted almost five minutes, the concrete stairs inside the State de France began to tremble. That end of the stadium began to glow red, extinguishing many of the flames and filling the cold Parisian air with smoke.

Salah did everything he could to pull Liverpool level, cutting inside and making a fantastic shot towards the far post, but Cordois was again able to drop it the full length.

Thibaut Courtois scored for Real Madrid.

Cordois saves Madrid

Vinicius will receive praise for his winning goal, but if dusted off, Cordois’ performance as one of the best players of all time will be spoken of from the goalkeeper in the Champions League final.

When the clock rested, he once again stopped Salah, this time flying the ball behind a corner when the Egyptian’s shot bounced into the far corner.

“When the goalkeeper is the man of the match, something goes wrong with the other team. We could have done better in the last three,” Klopp said after the match.

With every opportunity wasted, the inevitability of a Madrid victory increased. The real fans felt it; Liverpool did.

Despite the constant pressure from Klopp’s side, celebrations have already begun for Madrid fans. Happiness overflowed when the full-time whistle went off – those fans knew what a test this night was.

Real Madrid should not have advanced this far. Three times during the campaign he was facing defeat, and three times somehow came to the other side.

But when it came to Paris, there must have been doubt that this would be the end result.

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