Six NFL trades we’d like to see: Bradley Chubb to Cowboys, Brandin Cooks to Packers

The biggest name is already gone NFL Trade market, with 49ers landing I run back Christian McCaffrey Last week. And this Philadelphia Eagles And Kansas City Chiefs Each splashed out this week, including Philadelphia Bears Pass-rusher Robert Quinn A Already impressive security, And this Principals who buy electricity Catharious Tony from Giants.

But there’s plenty of intrigue as Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline approaches.

Several expected contenders faltered during the early stretch of the season. These teams may look to the trade market to get themselves back on track.

So while we wait to see how things pan out, we’re kicking around ideas about deals that may or may not happen — but, in our opinion, should happen.

AthleticJeff Howe and Mike Jones presented three proposals each. One writer explains why each deal makes sense, while the other explains why it doesn’t.

Mike Jones’ Three Trading Plans

Texans wide receiver Brand’s Cooks to do Bakers For the fifth round selection

Why Jones: Aaron Rodgers And the Packers seriously miss Davante Adams, and there is no one on the trade market who can fully fill those shoes. But now, Rodgers needs an experienced wide receiver who understands the concepts of the offense and where he is expected to be at all times. Chefs – stranded in Houston, where Texans likely to compete for Top pick in the draft – can help. He played in the same offense for Sean McVay, a good friend of Packers coach Matt LaFleur. Rams in 2018 and 2019 (LaFleur served as the Rams’ offensive coordinator in 2017). At 29, Cooks still has a lot left in the tank when it comes to back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. In total, Cooks has reached the 1,000-yard mark in six of the last seven seasons during stops in New Orleans, New England, LA and Houston. While some wide receivers struggle to get comfortable with the new team’s midseason, Cooks will have a good chance to make an immediate impact.

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Why not How: The last time the Packers traded for a wide receiver involved Rodgers’ friend Randall Cobb. Part of Bakers Attack problems Rodgers had a lack of confidence in his young receivers this season. So the question is whether Rodgers and Cooks can develop enough instant chemistry to make a tangible difference. That doesn’t mean Green Bay should wave the white flag and ignore all potential receiver acquisitions, but there should be some level of skepticism involved.

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Patriots Cope with the attack of Isaiah To the Rams for a mid-round pick

Why Jones: The Rams, the defending Super Bowl champions, faced a pretty good contract this season. Through six games, Matthew Stafford was sacked 22 times (the third-highest total in the league), and the Rams averaged just 70.5 rushing yards per game (31st in the NFL). After losing left tackle Joe Noteboom A torn Achilles tendon last week heightened the Rams’ sense of urgency to bolster the line even more. Wynn, the 23rd pick of the 2018 draft, spent the past three seasons at left tackle for New England but fell out of favor with the coaching staff. A trade to the Rams would benefit all parties involved.

Why not How: Wynn is having his worst season in New England, though it’s fair to wonder how much the move to right tackle threw him. But the Patriots should be comfortable with that in mind Marcus Cannon And Yodni Gajaste At right tackle for the final 10 games. They have to operate under the chance left block Trent Brown He hasn’t hit in a full season since 2018 and will likely miss time (one of only two times that has happened in his eight-year career). With the Patriots QB situation Off the rails At this point, a move to slow down the offense — regardless of how Patriots fans feel about Wynne — may not be in their best interest.

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Broncos Wide receiver Jerry Jedi to do Crows For two mid-round exams

Why Jones: The Ravens have no way of keeping pace with the Chiefs and Chiefs Bills If they don’t get it Lamar Jackson Some more balanced and impactful weapons. Judy, who has averaged 17 yards per catch or better in two of his three NFL seasons, certainly helps fill this need. Judy has been mentioned as a potential target for Green Bay, but the Packers brass and Rodgers may prefer a veteran. The Giants and Rams have been mentioned as possible destinations for Judy, but Baltimore and Jackson need someone like him badly.

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Why not How: I’m into this. I can’t even give a “why not”. The Ravens’ offense places a heavy emphasis on game-breaking plays with Jackson or athletic ability players, and Judy will add to that. This could be a good negotiating tactic to show that general manager Eric DeCosta will make moves to improve the offensive talent around Jackson. Judy hasn’t taken off in Denver, but since she got there in 2020, who really has? He made a handful of plays that confirmed the talent the football world saw from him at Alabama, and he’ll have a terrific opportunity to rekindle that talent in Baltimore.

The Lions are unlikely to trade tight end TJ Hockenson. But would a first-round pick make a deal? (Kirthmon F. Dozier/USA Today)

Jeff Howe’s Three Trading Plans

Lions At tight end DJ Hawkenson Bucs for 2023 first-round pick, 2024 fourth-round pick

How Why: Well, Hawkenson has no reason to believe so In the trading module, but it will be a tough opportunity for the Lions to ignore. They already have the inside track on a top-five pick with their own draft pick, which should be used on a quarterback, and another first-rounder from the Rams. Throw in a third early-round pick, and the Lions control the draft board. Maybe they’ll be lucky enough to get a quarterback — perhaps through another trade — Alabama pass rusher Will Anderson in pairs Aidan Hutchinson. As for the Bucs, their offensive issues can’t be traced to a single spot, but the lack of a star-caliber tight end certainly hasn’t helped. Hakansson is under contract through his fifth-year option in 2023, which is also important. Aside from getting their offense going early, the Bucs also have to think Tom BradyThe future of Brady, an impending free agent who can’t be tagged, could simply choose to retire, or maybe he just cares about the offense. Cannot be fixed at present And look to play elsewhere. It’s conceivable that Hockenson’s addition could play a role in changing that outcome.

Why not Jones: That’s a steep price, and I don’t see the Bucs going that high considering they have to use a first-rounder on a quarterback next season. Yes, a tight end of Hockenson’s caliber will help. But not at that price.

Broncos linebacker Bradley Sup to do Cowherd warriors 2023 and 2024 third round pick

How Why: The Cowboys boast the league’s most solid defense, and Chubb could be the most dangerous defender on the trading block. Dallas will be dangerous Micah Parsons Let them be, but adding Chubb would create another headache for opposing offenses. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn can create a pass rush DeMarcus Lawrence, Torrance Armstrong And Chub, then Parsons to give too More freedom to move around. For the Broncos, Chubb is still worth building around, but their defense will be solid regardless, and they’ll need to restore draft assets after the Russell Wilson trade. If they don’t believe Sub will sign an extension after the season — or if they believe he’ll exceed their budget — moving him now makes sense.

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Why not Jones: Man, the already brutal Cowboys defense is even more dangerous, right? I love it, but there may be teams that are more desperate to go after Chubb. Is it the same? Rams, miss even worse By Miller And I’d like to add a pass-rusher to the deadline. They don’t have a first-round pick to hang on to, but have a second- and third-rounder in 2023.

Hawks Center Matt HennessyRavens guard Ben Cleveland, Bengal Guard Jackson CarmanPatriots right tackle Isaiah Winn, Eagles left tackle Andre Dillard For the Rams

Falcons get: 2023 sixth round pick

Crows get: 2023 sixth round pick

Bengalis get: 2023 seventh round selection

The Patriots get: 2024 Fourth round pick

Eagles get: 2024 Third round selection

How Why: We had to dig through some old storage closets to find some of the Rams’ spare draft picks, and they have extra late assets due to previous trades. Granted, they never draw again, but Southern California is a beautiful place to explore in late April anyway. Back on track, no, it’s not realistic to expect the Rams to overhaul their entire offense in the middle of the season, but the option is there if they want to take a more unconventional route. Their lineup let them down during their 3-3 start, and it’s an area that hasn’t gotten enough attention in recent drafts, so they could borrow from future drafts to get themselves going in a better direction. AthleticIn Beat Reporters stock a List of trade candidates Last week, they accidentally added two tackles, two guards and a center. It fell all over the place.

Why not Jones: Hold on! You’ve screwed up my wine for the Rams idea, so I say absolutely not. Your contract is not working! Haha, in all seriousness, I love the aggressive mindset of completely overhauling the entire offensive line, but I don’t see this happening. I think the Rams want to address both sides of the ball, and they only have a limited number of draft picks to acquire talent. So, an offensive lineman, yes. And then a pass-rusher, who might need multiple picks to protect it.

(Top photo of Brandin Cooks: Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

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