Supercell storms sweep across southern states and expose millions to dangerous tornadoes

Several southern states were hit by large storms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, which produced dangerous cyclones.

Counties across Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana were under one Hurricane Watch A severe supercell storm system is moving across the United States on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service confirmed several tornadoes touched down in Mississippi as of Tuesday evening, leaving a path of destruction.

No injuries were reported as severe thunderstorms lashed eastern Texas to Georgia and north to Indiana.

Severe weather will affect the Mississippi and Tennessee river valleys

People were affected by heavy rains and large hailstones as a strong cyclone hit the south.

Just before 5 a.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service, based out of Birmingham, Alabama, confirmed a tornado touched down southwest of Dallas and tweeted an emergency warning to residents. Tweet residents to “Take cover immediately!”

Lightning brightens the evening sky in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. As twisters hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, residents in the area were given a light show due to severe weather.

Dark clouds before a tornado over Louisiana's Mt.

Dark clouds before a tornado over Louisiana’s Mt.
(Twitter via Hayden Lester)

People were reportedly trapped inside a grocery store in Caledonia, Mississippi, shortly after 6pm on Tuesday, but got out safely. A family trapped in a house about a mile from the store also escaped.

A vehicle races down a Jackson, Miss., street like lightning streaks across the sky.

A vehicle races down a Jackson, Miss., street like lightning streaks across the sky.

In West Alabama, a tornado damaged several homes and left thousands of customers without power early Wednesday morning.

Florida scientists discover levels of toxic algae on beaches

Just after 7 p.m. Central Time, the National Weather Service advised residents of Caldwell Parish, Louisiana to take cover due to a “devastating tornado on the ground now.”

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Additionally, flood watches were issued for parts of southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama. Three to five inches of rain in these areas could cause flash flooding, the National Weather Service said.

In parts of the Upper Midwest, heavy snow slowed traffic.

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