Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the United Nations General Assembly

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday unveiled a plan to end the nearly seven-month war between Russia and Ukraine. World leaders UN in New York

The five-point plan urged world powers to punish Russia and increase military aid to Kiev for attempting to expel Moscow forces from Ukraine, which Russia invaded on February 24.

“Russia loves war, that’s true, but Russia cannot stop the course of history,” Zelensky said.

In an implicit condemnation of non-Western and developing countries, the comments called on Ukraine and Russia to immediately end the conflict through negotiations.

“Russia will be forced to end this war and end the war it started,” Zelensky said. “I reject the possibility that the settlement could take place on any other basis.”

This week many non-aligned countries maintained a neutral stance in the conflict – a position Zelensky called only “to protect their own interests”.

The comments drew a rare round of applause from world leaders at the UN General Assembly, who earlier voted 101-7 to allow Zelensky to address the body — a privilege denied to other world leaders. Russian representatives sat down after Zelensky’s remarks, along with representatives from Namibia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Zelensky called the seven countries that voted against his request “afraid of a video address.”

As part of his plan, Zelensky said he wanted to create a special court to punish Russia. He also said the Kremlin should lose the veto power it enjoys Permanent Member UN

Zelensky said that all the international community except Russia wanted peace.

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“Ukraine wants peace, Europe wants peace, the world wants peace, we saw who wants war,” he said, not naming Russian President Vladimir Putin. “There is only one institution in all the UN member states that would now say they are happy with this war and their war if they can interrupt my speech.”

Zelensky said Ukraine would regain its territory but it would take time and require military force. He renewed his calls for countries to send military aid to Ukraine so it can fend off Russia’s better-armed forces.

“Let us return the flag of Ukraine to our entire territory. It can be done with force of arms, but we need time,” he said.

The talk came as Putin appeared ready to escalate the conflict by announcing a referendum on Ukraine’s four occupied regions to join Russia. Putin also announced Partial mobilization order About 300,000 reservists were to join the war.

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